It’s (almost) Software Time!

Hello Pebblers!

Apologies for the radio silence the last couple months. We know it has been a long time since we shared an update, but we’ve had our heads down focusing on some exciting developments and big news is brewing.

This Wednesday, November 6th, we’ll be sharing the details. You’re invited to join our (hopefully less blue) livestream at 10am PST to hear the news first hand. Just visit Wednesday after 9am PST for a link to the event. If you’re currently developing for Pebble, or interested in creating apps for Pebble, then you should definitely tune in!

We’ll also post the news for those who can’t join and a recording of the livestream will be available immediately following the event. Eric and Pebble’s developer support team will also be available to take questions on a Reddit AMA on Wednesday at Noon PST.

Most of you have Pebbles on wrists by now, but our records show that 460 of our 68,929 backers are still waiting. If you are one of those 460, we want to hear from you! We need a correct email and shipping address so we can send your Pebble(s). Please enter your info at and we’ll confirm Pebble shipments as fast as we can.

Thanks once again for your support, much more to follow soon!

Team Pebble



Pebble iOS Email Notification Update + Pebble Developer Event

Email Notifications now work from iOS devices!

Today we released an update to the Pebble iOS App with the long awaited email notification feature! Now iOS users can receive email notifications from any IMAP or Gmail account on Pebble.

Unlike other notification types on iOS, email is not a push notification. Instead the Pebble iOS App checks for new email every 15 minutes and sends any new email notifications to your Pebble. Like other notifications if you receive more than one email, they will be presented in a stack that you can scroll through.

To set up email notifications, update your Pebble iOS App to version 1.2 then set up email notifications for any IMAP or Gmail account right in the Pebble iOS App. You can temporarily disable individual accounts if you prefer to only receive notifications from one of your email accounts.

Need help getting set up? Visit our Support Center.

Pebble Developer Retreat

Calling all Pebble Developers!

We’re hosting the first ever Pebble Developer Retreat from August 29th-30th at the Pebble Headquarters in Palo Alto.

Join us and be among the first to use new APIs, learn more about the future of Pebble, prepare your apps for the future and get direct support from Pebble developers.

We’ll be presenting improvements to the SDK and soliciting feedback from visiting developers. This is a chance to shape the future of the Pebble SDK!

Participation is limited to developers who have already published an application for Pebble, or created a smartphone application that works with Pebble. Due to limited space, we’ll be selecting participants from near and far to come work with our team. We’ll even cover travel expenses for a select number of participants, so don’t let distance deter you!

The first round of applications will close August 6th.

We’re focused on improving the developer experience and providing better development tools so you can bring your wearable app ideas to life. Your participation will help us create the best possible platform. We hope to see you here!

Thanks and keep on Pebbling!

Team Pebble


What’s Next for Pebble

Hi Pebblers,

It’s been an incredible few months for Pebble. Since January, we’ve shipped over 93,000 Pebbles to backers and pre-order customers in over 150 countries around the world. Team Pebble now has over 29 employees and we’re still hiring. I’ll also be answering questions in an AMA on at 12pm PDT (3pm EDT) today.

I want to start by saying that the Pebble community is consistently spectacular. You have dazzled us with your enthusiasm for Pebble. You’ve posted photo after photo showing us how you’re using Pebble in ways we’ve never dreamed. You’ve created thousands of watchapps for Pebble and customized your Pebbles with straps, skins, docks and watchfaces to no end.

Seriously, the coolest thing in the world for me is to walk down the street only to run into someone wearing a Bill Murray watchface.

I haven’t posted anything recently about some of the details on this process, so I hope you can bear with me through this long-ish post.

Our mission is to create the world’s best smartwatch and ecosystem

To accomplish this, we have set forth the following goals for the next year:

1. Create a solid foundation for 3rd party app development on Pebble
2. Manufacture and ship with the goal of getting Pebble onto as many wrists as possible

At the moment, our software team is laser focused on improving the developer experience. To date, Pebblers have downloaded more than 1 million watchapps…so this is a major priority for us. We recognize that our beta SDK is incomplete, so we’re working quickly to expose more features and APIs to 3rd party developers, making it easier for watch apps to communicate, and building better development tools. Enabling and incentivizing developers to share their watchapps with the entire Pebble community is also a priority. We won’t stop until we’ve created the best platform for you to write the wearable app you’ve been dreaming of. For the greater Pebble community, this means more apps that can provide greater functionality

On the manufacturing side, we’re continuing to ramp up our production capacity to meet the massive demand for Pebble. Here’s an interesting figure that we haven’t shared before: Since our Kickstarter campaign ended over 190,000 Pebbles have been pre-ordered (including Kickstarter, that’s over 275,000 Pebbles). This is great news for users and developers. More Pebbles = more of a market and demand for Pebble watchapps. With the goal of getting Pebble onto as many wrists as possible, our manufacturing team is constantly working to improve quality and increase capacity. Every day thousands of new Pebbles are rolling off the line.

Shipping to pre-order customers
Moving forward, we will be contacting people who have placed pre-orders in batches. As soon as a new batch of Pebbles is ready at the factory, we will send an email from inviting you to enter your payment information. At this time, you’ll be able to change your shipping address and select the color of Pebble you prefer. We are shipping to pre-order customers in the US and around the world (except Germany – see below).

For those in the US, you may be able to buy a Pebble at your local Best Buy (subject to availability).

We know we’ve had some rough patches along the way from shipping starting later than we expected to color production issues, so I’d like to take a moment to address some important questions we are hearing in the community.

Kickstarter Pebble shipments
If you’re a Kickstarter backer who hasn’t received your Pebble yet, there are a few things that may have happened. (jump down to the bottom for a full guide)
1. If you haven’t entered shipping information, now is the time to do it! 1773 people have not entered full shipping information for us to proceed with shipping (remember to add your phone number!). To find out if this is you, please log using the email you used on Kickstarter, enter your shipping information and we’ll ship out your Pebble(s).
2. Shipments to Germany are paused, but restarting soon. Out of 159 countries that we’ve shipped to, Germany has proven to be the most difficult. Half-way through shipping Black Pebbles to Germany, the customs and technology bureaus banned backers from picking up their Pebble from the post office. Unfortunately, the bureaus did not contact Pebble directly, which caused quite a bit of confusion on our side because we saw thousands of Pebbles successfully ship through to backers in Germany, even while some backers were running into issues. Eventually, we were able to work with German backers and lawyers to figure out what was going wrong. We paused all shipments to Germany, leaving roughly 2,700 Pebbles unshipped to German backers. At this time, we’re getting closer to a solution and have been in email contact with any German backers who reach out to us at
3. White Pebbles are now shipping! Good news: the first 4,000 started shipping last week (with tracking numbers going out today and tomorrow), with the remainder working their way from factory to distribution centres now.
4. Your Pebble may be in transit. Check the guide below to see if any action is necessary.

Why is Pebble now available at Best Buy?
We decided to begin selling Black Pebbles (only) at Best Buy in the US after we had shipped all Black Kickstarter and paid pre-order Pebbles for two reasons:
1. To reduce the stress on our shipping system,
2. To build interest and support for Pebble at a major retailer.
There has been concern that we diverted massive shipments of Pebbles away from pre-order customers to fill Best Buy shelves. I want to assure you that Best Buy only received a fraction of our June manufacturing production volume.

We’ve also heard reports that many Best Buy stores are out of stock. Again, this is due to heavy demand.

What’s up with iPhone/iOS support?
A major new feature on iOS will be available within 2-3 weeks. The feature has been lacking since launch: support for email notifications. At first, our testing with iOS 6 indicated that the built-in Bluetooth notification system would be able to send notifications Pebble. Unfortunately, that system only could reliably send SMS and iMessage to Pebble (ironically something we did not promise to support). We’ve finally cracked the email puzzle and the next Pebble iOS app will have full support for Gmail and IMAP email notifications.

We’ve also solved a series of bugs that caused a pop-up asking you to “Ignore or Allow communication with Pebble”. This was due to several bugs that caused iOS to prematurely shut down the Pebble app; also caused phonebook lookup to fail. These bugs have been eliminated in the latest iOS app (version 1.1) and this pop-up should occur far less.

iOS 7 looks quite cool and useful but we can’t talk about it in detail until Apple releases it publicly. In the meantime, we’ll continue to work with it and test Pebble support under iOS 7..

My Pebble malfunctioned and I’m waiting for a replacement, what’s up?
So far we’ve received reports of 2046 Pebbles that have some sort of issue in the field. We’ve replaced ~1,800 of them but 300 were caught in RMA-purgatory for the past 4-6 weeks. This was a failure on our part, which we rectified this week. Those 300 pending replacements have now been released for shipping and we’ve nailed down the issue so it will not happen again.

Improvements to Pebble Support
We know this has been a pain point in the Pebble experience and we’ve been staffing up and working to improve response times. We’ve made a ton of progress over the past couple months, but we have not yet reached our goal of providing a response to every inquiry within 24 hours. Our support team, while extraordinarily energetic, has been overwhelmed fairly often causing 3-7 day delays in email communication. Generally these delays occur right after updates (like this one…) and mostly backed up due to massive numbers of questions related to shipping. We’re scaling our team up constantly and will continue to work toward a 24 hours turnaround time.

As a team, we read and listen to almost everything related to Pebble. If things are quiet on a certain front, it’s not that we’re ignoring it, but as a small team, it takes time to put processes and plans into place that will really satisfy the wants/needs our community has.

Where can I get a replacement charging cable?
Great news! You can now buy a replacement charge cable directly from Pebble for $10 USD including free worldwide shipping at


Guide to getting your Pebble.
Haven’t received your Pebble? Here’s what you can do:

If you are…

  • Waiting for an Arctic White Pebble or,
  • Located in Germany or,
  • You placed a preorder, but have not yet submitted payment (i.e. if you placed a pre-order on but never entered your credit card information).

Please wait just a little longer! White Pebbles are now shipping, we are close to resolving import conflicts in Germany and we are shipping pre-orders as fast as we can! We will be in contact with you shortly.

If you are…

  • Waiting for a Jet Black, Cherry Red, Orange or Grey Pebble and
  • You are a Kickstarter Backer or,
  • You placed a preorder and submitted payment via credit card

1. Log into your account at using the email you used on Kickstarter or to preorder.
2. If you have not previously entered your shipping information, you will be prompted to add it now. Please note that all required fields must be entered to complete this step, including phone number which we require for shipping documentation. This will allow us to initiate the shipping process for you.
3. If you did previously enter your shipping address, please check the order status in the right column.
4. If your order is in Stage 2 “Your Pebble is Ready”, please email us with the subject line ‘KS Still Waiting S2’ noting the email address from your Pebble account and your stage 2 order status.*
5. If your order is in Stage 3 “Processing Shipment” and has been at this stage for 3 weeks or more, please email us with the subject line ‘KS Still Waiting S3’ noting the email address from your Pebble account and your stage 3 order status.*
6. If your orders is in Stage 4 “Shipment Sent”, you should see shipment details, including tracking number, in the Shipments section just below Order Status. Please track your shipment with the carrier ( in the US or outside of the US) to find shipping status.

*If you have already emailed us with this subject line, no need to send again.

Kickstarter backers, pre-order customers and the general Pebble community at large: once again a massive thank-you for your support. Looking forward to lots more Pebblers joining our community in the near future.

Oh and I’ll be answering any further questions on at 12pm PDT (3pm EDT) today.


Eric + Team Pebble


White Pebbles Shipping + OS v1.12 + Watchapps + Best Buy

White Pebbles now shipping

At long last, white Pebbles are shipping! We have begun the process for the first batch, which will reach about half of the waiting Backers. More will follow soon as we complete production of white Pebbles. The last of the grey Pebbles are also shipping, bringing us very close to completing delivery of all Kickstarter backed Pebbles!

If you backed a black, red or orange Pebble on Kickstarter and your order status is not yet at Stage 3 “Processing Shipment”, please email us with the subject of ‘KS Still Waiting’ so that we can look into it and make sure your Pebble gets to you. Any information you can provide regarding your order will help us investigate more quickly.

If you are in Germany and have not yet received your Pebble, we are getting close to resolution with the German Authorities. As soon as we have more information, we will email you directly with details about what to expect next.

Pebble OS v1.12

Photo credit:

Updated firmware was released yesterday (Canada Day!) with a few new features and bugfixes:

What’s new

  • The backlight now turns on momentarily when a charger is connected.
  • Goodies for watchapp developers that will be unlocked when the new version of PebbleKit is released.

What we fixed:

  • Subject/sender cutoff in notifications with long subjects/senders.
  • The motion backlight from sporadically not working.
  • Factory reset to disable the QC app and perform the reset.
  • Long click release after changing the action bar icon.
  • Presentation of some graphics.

New Watchapps

Pebble watchapp developers continue to deliver amazing creations to the Pebble community. You can always find the latest app buzz on our forums and, but here are a couple highlights.

The watchface generator keeps getting better and now offers the option to make analog watchfaces, too!

httpebble (iOS) + Watchfaces lets Pebble communicate with the internet and bring back location specific data to your wrist. The 91 Weather app is a beautiful example. Note that iOS users may want to use the ‘old’ 91 Weather version. Created by rfrcarvalho.

Photo credit

Best Buy

We announced today that Jet Black Pebbles will be available at Best Buy stores throughout the US later this week and can be ordered online now Cherry Red Pebbles will follow in August.

Distribution has been a large task for us and partnering with Best Buy provides an outlet to help us get Pebble onto wrists more quickly while allowing our small team to focus on software and feature improvements for current and future Pebblers.

We will continue shipping pre-orders in the US and around the world in all Pebble colors. Additional details can be found on our forum post:

This marks a big step for Pebble and we’re excited to see people connect with Pebbles more quickly. We couldn’t have done it without your support.

Thanks as always and Pebble-on!

Team Pebble


Pebble OS 1.11 + Orange/Grey Shipping + 2-way Apps + Germany

Pebble OS 1.11

We’ve released an updated firmware with a few new features and bugfixes:

  • Multiple notifications can now be viewed if they arrive within a short timeframe.
  • Fix for vibration getting stuck ‘on’.
  • UI changes for Date & Time menu.
  • Option to show current speed (different than current pace) added in the Sports API.
  • Next and previous track buttons swapped in the music control application.
  • Power consumption fix for some Bluetooth connections.
  • Improvements to presentation of clipped text and graphics.
  • Fuzzy Time watchface is no longer installed by default and now available in the Pebble watchface list via the Pebble phone app.
  • Fixed crash while changing windows, generally when setting alarm or setting time.

Need to install the update? On iPhone, try rebooting your phone and/or closing the Pebble app like this, then open the Pebble app again and tap the glowing red icon. On Android, use the menu button and click ‘Check for FW Update’.

Orange and Grey Pebbles now shipping

Production of orange Pebbles is complete and we have begun the shipping process to Backers! Grey Pebbles are now in production and the first batch will be sent out next week, with the remaining grey Pebbles following soon after. White is the next and final colour. We expect to begin production next week.

That brings us to more than 78,000 Pebbles produced to date and much closer to delivering all Kickstarter backed Pebbles! Thanks once again for your patience while we worked to bring colour Pebbles up to high quality standards.

2-Way Apps

We launched PebbleKit with 2-way communication just two weeks ago and already Pebble watchapp developers have created some incredible apps. Our forums have daily updates from developers creating new ways to use Pebble on Android and many iOS apps for Pebble are in beta testing (awaiting approval by Pebble and Apple).

Pebble 7 Minute Workout

Straight from the NYTimes article to your Pebble is a watchapp that guides you through a super intense 7 minute workout. Good luck! Created by Alex Kennberg (coincidentally he’s guy behind Shopstarter, the ridiculously easy-to-use webstore designed for post-Kickstarter projects).

Profile Switcher for Android

Switch your ringer to vibrate from your wrist! Created by Faruq Rasid.

Glance (Android)

A very useful app that not only displays the current weather, but also integrates with Tasker, can send canned SMS replies, displays upcoming calendar appointments and more! Created by Finebyte.

Plus (Android)

Find my phone is here along with push SMS, third-party apps notification and battery and power status notifications. Plus it can convert Chinese characters to Latin alphabets (Pinyin)! Created by Lijy91.

Tasker for Pebble (Android)

Choose three tasks to activate at anytime without taking your phone out of your pocket! Requires Tasker to be installed and configured (go to the Preferences menu, and under the Misc tab, make sure “Allow External Access” is enabled). Created by @KodeKapps.

Just a quick note, if you’re developing an app for Pebble, please try to use the nomenclature ‘for Pebble’ rather than including the word Pebble right in the middle of your app name. Unless it’s for a hilarious pun.

Shipments to Germany

First, our apologies it has taken so long to get Pebbles to some of you. We are in touch with the German regulatory agencies and customs officials to confirm the steps required to ensure delivery of Pebbles in Germany.

Until we have final resolution with the authorities to clear all incoming shipments and release held shipments, we will hold off on sending more Pebbles to Germany, including any reshipments.

In the meantime, we did improve invoices and provided a German manual online (available for download on our help portal), which has enabled some backers to retrieve their Pebbles from customs.

We expect Pebbles will be flowing to Germany again soon and we will contact German backers with details as soon as we know more.

Thanks again, Pebblers!

Team Pebble


2-way Communication Added to SDK + Orange/Grey/White Update + We’re Hiring!

Thanks to @brdrck for the Pebble render!

Today we’re pleased to announce that 2-way communication is now enabled for 3rd party Pebble watchapps! You can download the updated SDK (now known as PebbleKit) at The major addition is the AppMessage subsystem which enables watchapps to send and receive data from a connected smartphone app. Be sure to install the latest Pebble firmware 1.10.2 as well.

We have also released new documentation including a full API reference

This update enables Pebble developers to create apps these sorts of apps:

  • Watchfaces augmented with data from the internet
  • Remote controls for internet connected devices
  • Multi-player Pebble games
  • 4sq/Facebook/Yelp Check-in Apps
  • Sports/Weather/News/Traffic tickers
  • Emergency beacon activator
  • Deeper sports integration (skiing, hiking, surfing, tennis, soccer score keeping)!
  • Bitcoin price trackers (most important watchapp?)
To get you started, we’ve published a few example apps on our github page including a demo weather app for iOS and Android, an app that let’s you escape from a bad date by texting your current location to a friend (Android only) and a Pebble-to-Pebble app using Google Cloud Messaging for Android.

Katharine (from her Stopwatch app fame) has tried out PebbleKit and released a helpful library called httpebble: ’a scheme for communicating with the internet from the Pebble, using a generic protocol and without any application-specific code running on the phone’.

The iOS Issue…

In order for Pebble to work with iPhones, we joined the Made For iPhone program (a requirement for hardware accessories to interact with iOS apps). Unfortunately this also means that if you build an iOS app with Pebble 2-way communication, we (Pebble) will need to whitelist your iOS app before you can upload it to the App Store. If you have completed an iOS app with Pebble integration and would like to learn more about making it available on the App Store, please email

We understand that this is a major annoyance. We’ve got a solution in mind for this problem, and it’s on our to-do list (along with exposing accelerometer/magnetometer sensor data and persistent storage).

Sports API

Over 13,000 Pebblers have paired their Pebble with RunKeeper in the last 2 weeks. Are you a developer of a GPS tracker app? We’re proud to open up this built-in Pebble functionality to all developers. Example code and documentation is available.

Orange Pebbles Shipping Soon

Good news on the color front! Orange Pebbles are in production this week and will begin shipping out to Backers next week.

In other color news, we’ve (finally) been able to successfully make Grey and White lenses in larger quantities! It’s been an extremely painful process, but we’re glad to be on the other side. Grey and White Pebbles have now passed full reliability and environmental testing (which could only be completed after the final tuning of the plastic chemical composition), allowing us to proceed into mass production with these colors! Finally. More news in the next update about the status of Grey and White.

Pebble Raises Series A Funding. We’re Hiring :)

It’s been 12 months now since our Kickstarter project closed. In the last year, we’ve learned how to take a product into mass production, built the core of Pebble OS and shipped nearly 70,000 Pebbles. What will we do in the next year? We’ll ship hundreds of thousands of Pebbles but more importantly, we will focus our software efforts to support 3rd party developers creating apps for Pebble.

To help with this plan, we’ve teamed up with George Zachary and Charles River Ventures. They understand our vision for intelligent, wearable computers and investedin Pebble to support our goals.

Our 18 person team (today…) is rapidly expanding. We’re hiring for a number of positions at our downtown Palo Alto headquarters including embedded developers, designers, iOS, Android, test engineers, developer evangelists and interns/co-ops for this summer and fall. If you love Pebble and wearable computing as much as we do, you should come join us! Apply at

Thanks everyone!

Team Pebble



RunKeeper now works with Pebble! (iOS and Android)

The moment that you’ve been waiting for has now arrived! RunKeeper has released an update for their iOS and Android apps with full Pebble support.

To use RunKeeper with your Pebble, download the latest RunKeeper app (version 3.3).

Runkeeper for iPhone

Runkeeper for Android

Once you have the new RK app installed and your Pebble paired with your phone, you should see a Pebble icon inside RunKeeper. If you’re having any issues, please check out the Troubleshooting guide. If you like this kind of integration, feel free to tweet@runkeeper and @pebble!

Enjoy your run, ride, hike or walk!

Team Pebble


Freecaddie + Red Shipping + Apps + Fiesta!

Freecaddie for Android launches Pebble support!

Pebble on the links, courtesy of TomHTweets

For those excited to venture out onto the course after a nice long winter, have we got the app for you! Freecaddie recently announced version 3.0 of their Android app, featuring Pebble connectivity. Freecaddie uses the GPS on your phone and lets you view the current distance to the hole on over 28,600 courses around the world…and now you can view those stats on your Pebble! We’ve been informed that iOS Freecaddie support is on the way.

Download Freecaddie on Google Play

Download Freecaddie Pro with extra features

Red Pebbles now shipping

dude2k5 showing off a sparkling red pebble 

Finally, some good news about colors :) Last week, we started shipping the first Red Pebbles. We’ve nearly finished manufacturing 6,000 Red Pebbles, so many more will be flowing through our shipping system soon. Thanks for your patience!

Orange will be the next colour to come out, followed by Grey and White. As we mentioned in a previous update, if you would like to switch from a color Pebble to Black, you may do so at anytime on We’ve shipped out the first batch of back-to-black shipments from immediately after the announcement, and on a weekly basis we’ll ship out any new Black changes.

Apologies for not keeping updated. Throughout the switch to colour manufacturing and the back-to-black shipments, tracking has become a bit more complex.

Pebble Watchapps (now on iOS!)

We launched the Proof-of-Concept Watchface SDK three weeks ago. The results have been astounding. Our forums have been buzzing with developers sharing their work and getting help navigating the entertaining build system that is waf. Over 500 watchapps have been published to a community-made site called and our records show over 200,000 watchapps have been installed on Pebbles worldwide.

At first, iOS users were unable to install watchapps but an update to our iOS app fixed that! iOS users, please make sure you have the latest version from the App Store (1.0.6). After that, you can browse to the various sources of pbw files on Mobile Safari and download them directly onto your watch.

Want to create your own watchface, but your programming skills aren’t up to snuff? Try out the awesome website, courtesy of @prode81. Remember that Pebble only displays black-and-white on its 144×168 pixel screen.

If you haven’t checked out in a while, we certainly recommend a look :) There are hundreds of watchfaces and watchapps available for Pebble. Try searching by ‘most downloaded‘ to see the current favourites!

UPDATE: is overloaded with requests. You can find the watchapps referenced below on the Pebble forum here.

Some stellar watchapps:

Revolution (an instant classic), by DouweM

Stopwatch (extremely useful), by Katharine

Nyan Watch (if only it vibrated the song…) by jpitchell

Maurice (very stylish), by zalew

Mac System 3 (great throwback!), by zarumbatus

Pebloid (awesome game), by justdoit

Future SDK update: Two-way communication

We’ll be launching limited 2 way communication in the next update of the SDK (within a month). This will enable apps to receive and transmit arbitrary data back and forth to the phone (for example, upon a button press on the watch).

To make use of this feature, you will need to write an Android or iOS app as well as a native Pebble SDK app. Unfortunately, iOS apps that use this functionality may not be published to the app store at this time (Android apps may be published to Play Store).

Other notes: Watch apps can only receive and send data if they are in the foreground. There are also APIs to launch and kill a watch app (please keep the user’s experience in mind when using these)

Pebble 1 Year Fiesta!

If you happen to be in San Francisco on May 16 (maybe for Google IO?), we’d like to invite backers to a small get-together to celebrate 1 year since our Kickstarter project closed. To request an invite, please log onto your Pebble Account and follow the instructions. Please only request an invite if you will be in the area, thanks! Don’t worry if you aren’t able to get a ticket, this is just the beginning of our meetup plan. For example, a Pebble Users Group (PUG) has already popped up in Silicon Valley, check out the next meetup on May 22 at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View.

Anyways, that’s it for this update. Thanks Pebblers!

Team Pebble


PebbleOS 1.10 + Proof-of-concept Watchface SDK

PebbleOS 1.10 Update

We’ve released an updated firmware with a few new features and bugfixes:

  • Fix for watch-side battery life bug for some iPhone users. (Some users were reporting that Pebble’s battery life was only 1-3 days while connected to an iOS device. Battery life for these users should increase to 4-7 days)
  • Support for 3rd party watchapps created with the Watchface SDK
  • ‘Disable Vibration’ option for incoming notifications
  • ‘Disable Motion Backlight’ option to turn off flick-to-backlight (both options are in Settings->Display)

Haven’t installed the update? On iPhone, try rebooting your phone and/or closing the Pebble app like this, then open the Pebble app again and tap the glowing red icon. On Android, use the menu button and click ‘Check for FW Update’.

Pebble Android App Update

We’ve also released an update to the Pebble Android app, now at version 1.7.0. Please update your app to get these new features:

  • Watchface SDK Support
  • Rearranged settings screen
  • Bugfixes

Please note there is still a major bug in Android 4.2.2: After 32 connect/disconnection cycles, Android OS refuses to allow Pebble to connect. The only workaround is to reboot your phone. Follow the excitement that is filing an issue with Android here:

Pebble iOS App Update…coming soon

We submitted an update to our iOS app 2 weeks ago, so iOS users may see a new update soon! This update will enable 3rd party watchface loading on iOS.

Proof-of-Concept Watchface SDK

On Friday, we released the first version of Pebble’s Watchface SDK. We want to be extremely clear on this: what we have released is a proof-of-concept designed to give eager developers an early chance to hack on native Pebble apps. It’s not the final native watchapp SDK by any means, more of a early start :)

The PoC Watchface SDK is:

  • An extremely early prototype of our SDK, specifically for watchfaces and simple games
  • Designed for developers who have experience working with command line and compilers
  • Strictly C based
  • Missing an emulator. You need a Pebble to test your code.
  • Designed for Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8, and Ubuntu 12.10
  • Not optimized for entry-level developers
  • Risky: developers can potentially brick their Pebble by purposefully going beyond the limits of the public API functions
  • Not guaranteed to work perfectly. Apps compiled using the PoC Watchface SDK are also not guaranteed to work.
  • Subject to change. There is a 99.9% probability that we will adjust or deprecate major portions of the API over time, requiring major code changes.

Another major point: the current Pebble iOS app on the iTunes app store does not allow 3rd party apps to be installed on Pebble. It’s in the iTunes approval process now (see above). This means that iOS users cannot install apps created with the PoC Watchface SDK at this time. Developers with iOS devices can install their apps usinglibpebble.

Without further ado, here is the Pebble PoC Watchface SDK

Documentation is available here: with example source code here:

Share your creations on the Watchapp Directory: or Reddit:

This is the first step for native Pebble watchapps. Expect more progress from us over time, with major changes like accelerometer support, enabling communication from a watchapp,  persistant watch-side storage and more. We welcome all feedback through our forums:

With that having been said, it’s been a pretty incredible 24 hours so far. Over 2,500 people have already downloaded the SDK. Lots of activity on Reddit and the forums. These watchapps are not all ready for the prime-time, but it’s an excellent sign for the future.

Pebble-Pixel by jdiez17 Reddit PostSource

Stopwatch by Katharine, Thread

Contributions to libpebble

Developers on IRC (#pebble) have been big fans of Pebble, for which we’re extremely grateful. In particular, Hexxeh started a excellent project called libpebble to reimplement our Pebble Protocol as a python library. Pebble’s dev team recognized that this utility had the potential for being even more useful than our internal tools. We decided to contribute to the open source project by adding support for the Lightblue Bluetooth API and yesterday hexxeh accepted our patches (yay!).

Team Pebble is committed to contributing to open source projects, and releasing new developments back to the community. You can follow our OSS contributions

It’s been a pretty big week for Pebble, but as you all know, our work is never finished. We’ve got a lot more color Pebbles to ship out, and more software to write (and bugs to fix).

Normally these updates are signed off by me (Eric), but I think it’s time to change that practice. The sheer amount of work that we pushed live this week is a testament of our talented team, and these updates need to reflect that. The whole team is responsible for the product that we’ve created. I hope you can join me in thanking the (rapidly expanding) Pebble Team: Andrew, Steve, Rahul, Brad, Nick, Sarah, Joseph, Matt, Martijn, Ryan, Paul, Ben, Philip, Asad, Melanie, Sigrid, Ali, Kareema and Kristen.

If you’d like to join Team Pebble, we’re currently hiring talented iOS Developers and experienced Software Engineers in Test for full-time positions in Palo Alto, CA. You can apply by sending your resume and portfolio to

As always, thanks for backing us and keep on Pebbling!

Team Pebble


Color Pebble Production + 12/24 hour Watchfaces

We’re happy to report that all* black Pebbles for Kickstarter backers have left the factory and are making their way through the fulfillment process to their owners now. That is over 55,000 black pebbles shipped!

Color backers: we know you’ve been waiting patiently…and we’re extremely sorry about the color delay. If you would like to swap for a Black Pebble that will ship sooner, you can now do that at (see below).

*If you haven’t yet received your black pebble, log into your Pebble account to see the status. If your account status shows ‘processing shipment’, you should be receiving a tracking number from us within a week.

In the meantime we’ve been working on manufacturing color Pebbles, which have proven more difficult to produce in large quantities. We’ve been tuning and tweaking the plastic injection parameters for each color to achieve a close fit between the lens and bottom housing, and to eliminate flow marks. It took us awhile to perfect red and orange for mass production. We are working on the Grey and White now (which are more problematic at this time).

Unfortunately, just as we were starting final assembly of red Pebbles, a quality issue came up on the production line with the hard coating layer on the lens. We had to shut down the line for a few days as we figured out the problem (following the 8D resolution process to identify the root cause and fix the problem). The problem has been solved and production has now restarted, but sadly this has delayed our color Pebble shipments further.

We expect the first red Pebbles to be in our distribution centres and ready for shipping in 2-3 weeks, but do not yet have a projected date for the other color Pebbles. Orange will be next, with Grey/White following. We will provide updates as we have more specific information.

Switching from Color to Black

Since we haven’t been able to manufacture color Pebbles as fast as we’d planned, we modified the Pebble Account system to let backers change their color selection back to black. We have a lot of Black Pebbles in stock now, so if you switch to black, your Pebble can ship within two weeks.

If you’re a color Pebble backer and would like to switch some or all of your color Pebbles to black, simply log into your account at We will issue a small refund for fees you may have paid to opt for color in the first place. Details will be available to you when you log into your account.

(This is not clickable here…find it after logging in at

You are welcome to keep your current color Pebble selection, we just can’t provide a firm shipping date yet. We expect the first red Pebbles to be available for shipping in 2-3 weeks, but do not yet have timeframes for the other color Pebbles. You can change to black at any time (up until your Pebble is ready to ship) if you change your mind.

Our FAQ has been updated on with more details:

12 Hour Versions of Watchfaces

We’ve heard your requests! A lot of people were keen to see 12 hour versions of the popular digital watchfaces. We’ve modified the watchapps and re-uploaded them to the watchapp library (you may want to delete the previous versions from your watch).

  • Big Time
  • Just A Bit (binary clock)
  • Tic-Tock-Toe
  • Simplicty
  • 91dub

Make sure that your Pebble has been upgraded to Firmware 1.9.1 before installing these apps. The 12/24hr switch requires 1.9.1, but more importantly, we fixed a major bug in the firmware.

To enable 12 hour mode on these watchfaces, change the setting on your watch by going to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Date & Time’ then clicking the check mark until you see the option for 12H and 24H.

Watchface SDK

A few notes about the upcoming watchface SDK: you’ll need a Pebble to test your apps (no simulator or emulator right now), and the SDK is designed to run on Mac OS 10.7, 10.8, and Ubuntu Linux. If you’re on a PC, we recommend compiling inside an Ubuntu VM.

Busy week ahead, thanks for bearing with us.

Eric + Team Pebble