$20 Off Your Pebble Order for #BlackFriday!

»» UPDATE: We’re extending our #BlackFriday deal. Take $20 off your entire order all weekend and keep spreading the #PebbleLove! ««

It seems like the Holiday shopping season comes around earlier and earlier in the year, no? Love it or hate it, #BlackFriday deals and steals are upon us, with very little time to nap off your Thanksgiving tryptophan coma.

131128.Black Friday

This will be the first year Pebble dips its toes into the Holiday gifting madness: today and tomorrow for #BlackFriday, Pebbles purchased on our site will be $20 off.

Get $20 off your full Pebble order today and tomorrow for #BlackFriday »

Is Pebble on your list? Still on the fence? Check out Pebble in many of the season’s 2013 Gift Guides:

Pebble is also Pocket-lint’s Wearable Tech of 2013 (thanks, Pocket-lint)!  So who will you be sharing the Pebble love with this year? It may be called “Black Friday,” but with Pebble, you’ve got five colors to choose from :)


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  3. eric   •  

    I ordered the grey watch yesterday. How long is it backordered?

    • jisforJoe   •     Author

      Looking at a few weeks, but stay tuned.

  4. Laura   •  

    Bummer! I ordered a day early and didn’t know about the special, any way I can get a credit?

    • jisforJoe   •     Author

      Yup! Email order AT getpebble.com

      • latls   •  

        Is the $20 off promo is on? If Yes, how to order with this promo online? Pls advise. Thanks.

  5. nicole   •  

    So I have never even heard of this until now :) I saw it in one of the cyber mondays best deals and I just purchased one for my son he’s 15 I sure hope he likes it :) if for whatever reason he doesn’t do they have a return policy?
    I can’t imagine anyone not liking this….

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