Pebbling Schools in the Name of Awesome

A highlight of Pebble’s journey so far has been connecting with talented, driven developers and students at hackathons, conferences, and meetups. Since releasing our SDK earlier this year, our app ecosystem has grown to over 2,200 apps, thanks to a community of over 10,000 developers. Getting more hackers and makers psyched about building for Pebble is key to growing the tent of folks who #MakeAwesomeHappen with our watch. That’s why we’re launching the Pebble Education Project: a campaign where we’ll be donating Pebbles to students in qualifying computer science and engineering programs.

Pebble at HackMIT

Team Pebble + Students = Awesomesauce

Team Pebble includes quite a few CS and engineering grads, and our new charitable program is a wonderful opportunity to give back to organizations fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity within the engineering community.

Pebble at Unis

Pebbles on students’ wrists across across the country!

Partners participating in the first round of Pebble’s Education Project—a $600,000+ donation of 4,000+ watches—include CS and engineering programs at:

Pebble’s Education Project was born out of a desire to assist educators in engaging students more deeply with coursework related to systems and embedded programming, but we realized these specific examples were the tip of the iceberg. Pebble’s open SDK really makes the sky the limit. What we love about Pebble’s Education Project is its flexibility. Educators are free to tailor their donated Pebbles and our developer tools to best align with students’ educational goals.

Pebble’s generous gift will enhance our faculty and students’ work in embedded systems, software engineering, and several of our other electrical and systems engineering and computer information science programs. Providing our faculty and students access to development tools and products for the emerging “Internet of Things” expands our world-class research and education in this important field.Dr. Eduardo Glandt | Dean of Engineering and Applied Science » University of Pennsylvania

Students at top programs like ours are forward-thinking, ready to roll up their sleeves and tinker. Access to Pebble fits them perfectly. Our students have been fans of Pebble since its Kickstarter days, and we know this partnership is going to kickstart some great software development projects and hands-on learning opportunities.Rob Rutenbar | Head of The Department of Computer Science » University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Think your school or program could #MakeAwesomeHappen with a donation of Pebbles? Let us know!

Visit the Pebble Education Project media kit »