Pebble Behind the Scenes: A Chat with CTO Andrew Witte

We’d like to thank the hosts at The Amp Hour for taking time out of their busy schedules to chat with CTO Andrew Witte about Pebble, our story so far, and cool behind-the-scenes details many Pebblers have never heard about before. We really enjoyed the conversation, which can best be described as a geekily-cool version of Inside the Actors Studio (we should do a geekily-cool version of Between Two Ferns one day, ha).

CTO Andrew Witte

Some fun tidbits:

  • Pebble’s been in the watch game for a while. Our first project was a Blackberry-compatible smartwatch called InPulse.
  • Power consumption is the highest priority when making hardware design decisions at Pebble.
  • Pebble has custom batteries.
  • Sarah (jump to the 35:30 mark)—our lone Support Engineer when we started shipping—personally answered 50,000+ emails in a three-month span. She was and continues to be amazing.

Check out the full interview on The Amp Hour »