Pebble at GDC: let’s play

When we launched SDK 1.0 almost a year ago, we knew it was only a matter of time until developers started making games for Pebble. Before long, we saw great Tetris, Pong, and Asteroid clones available for download from My Pebble Faces.

Now, with SDK 2.0, which includes accelerometer support, and the Pebble appstore for iOS and Android, there’s never been a better time to develop games for Pebble. In addition to classics titles like Pebtris, Pebloid and multiplayer Chess, Tiny Bird (a Flappy Bird clone) is consistently one of the most popular downloads on the Pebble appstore. Below are the top 10 games currently available on the Pebble appstore.

  • Tiny Bird
  • MiniDungeon
  • Pebtris
  • Ledge Climber
  • Chess
  • Falldown
  • Orbtime
  • Pebloid
  • Blackjack
  • Ask the Helix Fossil

We believe Pebble is a great new platform for studios around the world to create awesome  games — specifically mini games and casual games. Today at GDC, we’re introducing three new titles which are going live on the Pebble appstore: Mr. Runner (Zing Games), an endless runner; Icon Pop Quiz (Alegrium), a fun quiz game; and Hatchi (Portable Pixels), a Tamagachi like game.

Mr. Runner (Zing Games)

A very fun stick figure endless runner game with a classic black and white feel. Mr. Runner already has 5 million downloads on iOS and this is will be its first native Pebble experience. Help Mr. Runner escape through the shaking walls.

Mr. Runner on Pebble

Icon Pop Quiz (Alegrium)

ICON POP Quiz challenges players to name famous characters using imaginative, handcrafted visual clues inspired by each answer. Can you guess all the icons?

Hatchi (Portable Pixels)

Hatchi is a retro-looking Pebble app sure to get the nostalgia burning for all those who cared for a virtual pet back in the 1990s when they were at the height of their popularity. Just as with the keychain-sized pets of the 90s, Pebble users now will feed, clean, play with and generally look after their pet to ensure they grow up to be healthy, happy little Hatchi.

Hatchi on Pebble

Games are an emerging category for Pebble and we’re really excited to see what great titles developers build for the Pebble platform. We’ll be at GDC  — studios interested in pioneering games on Pebble are invited to contact us.

Let’s play.