Arctic White Pebble box

Stay Fit and Productive with Pebble at Target

Pebble + Target

We’re excited that Target guests will now be able to discover Arctic White, Jet Black, and Cherry Red Pebble watches at their local store or by visiting (MSRP $149.99). This marks the first time a retailer will carry Arctic White Pebbles, a Target exclusive for a limited time. We think Target guests will enjoy being part of the Pebble community—introducing the fun and useful ways our apps and wearable technology can mesh into their lives with tiny moments of awesome.

Current Pebblers are no strangers to Pebble’s sharp and clear e-paper display and animated graphics. Fully readable in bright daylight with up to a week-long battery life, Pebble pairs with iOS and Android smartphones over Bluetooth, bringing remote controls and glanceable information to your wrist. Music control, text messages, emails, caller ID, and even Target Cartwheel notifications are all available out of the box. Using the Pebble smartphone app, users can choose from thousands of downloadable apps like eBay, Foursquare, RunKeeper, and Yelp in the Pebble appstore.

Keeping Fit and Productive with Pebble

Like many Pebblers, the Target community loves to stay fit and productive. While we couldn’t possibly lay out all the ways Pebble meshes with people’s lives on those fronts, we can definitely highlight some of our favorites.

C25K and 7 Minute Workout

Fans of the popular Couch to 5k running program can kickstart their fitness goals with the C25K Pebble app. C25K for Pebble makes it easy to focus on the training at hand by buzzing your wrist when it’s time to transition between walking and running intervals.

Pebble can also be your wrist-top circuit training companion, thanks to the 7-Minute Workout app. This longtime favorite guides you through a high-intensity workout routine—featured by The New York Times—with diagrams and vibrations.

Evernote for Pebble

To stay productive during the day, we’re big fans of Evernote: it’s an easy-to-use, free service that helps you remember everything across all your devices. Evernote’s Pebble app brings the power of their platform to your wrist. For example, you can quickly and easily check items off a shopping list without fumbling for your phone and use shortcuts to give you quick access to important information you’ve got saved.


One of the coolest frontiers Pebble apps are delving into is the world of mobile payments, and the PebbleBucks app is a perfect one to try at any Target with a Starbucks. PebbleBucks gives easy access to your Starbucks barcode and account information, including your dollar balance and a countdown to your next free drink. Paying for your next coffee run from your wrist? Welcome to the future!

We’re so excited to introduce Target guests to the fun and useful ways Pebble’s apps and wearable technology can mesh into their lives with tiny moments of awesome. Got any faves you’d like to share? Sound off in the comments, on Facebook , and Twitter!