Turn It Up for the New Pebble Firmware + iOS App Updates (Release Notes)

UPDATE: Post has been revised to clarify new capabilities introduced in the Pebble iOS App, v 2.2 and adds notes for what’s new in v 2.2.1.

Team Pebble is excited to debut two new features that give you deeper control over your Pebble’s App Menu and Music controls.

With the latest version (v2.2) of the Pebble Firmware released today, Pebblers can now take the items in the Launcher Menu and re-order them as they see fit.

Simply press and hold the Select button while in the Launcher to begin sorting a menu item. Once it starts shaking, you can move it up and down the list as you like!

Today’s firmware update also gives Pebblers new control over their music. You can finally control the volume! It’s been a long time since we first demoed volume control in the Pebble Music app back in the day (our iOS Engineer, Martijn, looks so young!), so we’re really glad to be bringing this feature onboard.

For iOS Pebblers, getting Volume Control to work also requires updating to the latest Pebble iOS App, released last week. As of this writing, the Pebble Firmware update has only just been made public. It may take time for what’s new to appear for you.

  1. To update your Pebble firmware, open your current Pebble smartphone app.
  2. To update your Pebble iOS app, visit the iTunes app store.

We hope you enjoy what’s new. Please keep us posted on Twitter, Facebook, or contact us directly about what you’d like to see next!

Full release notes below.

Pebble Firmware 2.2

Brand new Pebble-y goodness 🙂

Pebble Firmware 2.2 (Release Notes)

  • The Launcher Menu is now re-orderable. Hold the Select button to re-position a menu item.
  • Volume control in the Music app. Hold the Select button while in the app to launch volume controls.
  • Music app redesigned: fixes layout issues and adds a track progress bar (progress bar is iOS only).
  • Alarm now vibrates for 10 minutes instead of 1 minute.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

iOS Pebble App 2.2.1 (Release Notes)

  • Enabled more new JavaScript apps to be downloadable in the Pebble appstore.
  • No other major changes  from version 2.2.

iOS Pebble App 2.2 (Release Notes)

  • Support for new volume controls in Pebble firmware v2.2.
  • To improve connection reliability between Pebble and the iOS app, the iOS app can now detect the presence of a paired watch using iOS’ Location Services. A future firmware update will complete this feature, using Bluetooth Low Energy and proximity detection to improve watchapp stability. iOS uses the term “geofencing,” but GPS location is not recorded and impact on battery life is negligible.