Skip on Over to the Latest Pebble Firmware + iOS App (Release Notes)

Howdy, Pebblers!

The Team is happy to report two over-the-air updates we made available today: a Pebble firmware (v2.3) update for all Pebblers and an update to the Pebble iOS app (v.2.2.2) for those rocking Apple devices.

Aside from improved Bluetooth LE connectivity and the usual slate of stability improvements, the new firmware also adds notification skipping with a double-click.

This new feature lets you quickly jump to the next notification if the current one you’re viewing requires scrolling to see all the content. As before, if the notification you’re viewing is short and displays entirely on your Pebble, a single click is all it takes to go to the next one. To try out notification skipping for yourself:

  1. Update your Pebble to Firmware 2.3.
  2. Go to the Notifications app on your Pebble.
  3. Select a notification from your History, and click away!

The latest Pebble iOS App (v2.2.2) is a minor update, enabling more JavaScript apps to be available in the Pebble appstore. Pebble apps included in this latest bundle will be fully downloadable, and no longer say “Coming Soon” for iOS Pebblers.

Full release notes below.

Pebble Firmware 2.3 (Release Notes)

  • Improved Bluetooth LE connectivity.
  • Added the ability to skip to the next notification with a double-click of the Down or Up buttons.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • To update to the latest firmware, open your Pebble smartphone app for iOS or Android. Select Support » Update Your Pebble in the Menu if the update does not begin automatically.

iOS Pebble App 2.2.2 (Release Notes)

  • Enabled more new JavaScript apps to be downloadable in the Pebble appstore (Pebble apps included in this latest bundle will no longer say “Coming Soon” for iOS users).
  • No other major changes  from version 2.2.
  • To update to the latest Pebble iOS app, go to Pebble on the iTunes App Store.