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My time with the Yo app began as a joke. It was fun to interrupt friends and colleagues, laughing whenever I heard the audible “Yo!” across our startup’s studio. What surprised me with Yo is that I found increasing usefulness, wrapped in the novelty of its simplicity.

Yo is a tap on the shoulder, a ping in a GChat, an “Are you awake?” booty call, a meeting reminder, an “I’m on my way”, or simply, an “I’m thinking of you.”

If users could just make it through this initial stage where it was just a button to press to annoy someone, if they could just wait until the meaningless Yos calmed down, a Yo could be one of the nicest things to have in notifications.

Yo for Pebble

Yo saves time. Some words just don’t need to be said. The moment we hear a ringtone or see caller ID, the moment we see the sender of a text or email, the moment we see someone out of the corner of our eyes, these are all instances where we get plenty of information thanks to context and visual cues. Why craft a message? Why make someone read a message? Why creep over someone’s shoulder? A Yo will do just fine.

Yo gets attention. Between an audible “Yo!” and an app notification, you know your Yo can be seen and heard.

Yo is polite. It’s a gentle nudge when someone’s distracted—caught up in conversation, swept away reading, preparing an email—from a meeting, appointment, movie, or other task at hand. You cross your fingers that they’re coming through for you, but you don’t want to be the naggy friend interrupting something more important. I have a solution for you: Just Yo.

Yo is on your wrist. Today, we’re excited to announce Yo for Pebble is now on the appstore. You can now send one of the simplest notifications from one of the most convenient places on your body. No swiping, talking, or typing. Just Yo.