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Are You Fresh, Hot, or Fly?

We’ve got Fresh news, Hot off the presses. We think it’s pretty Fly and hope you do too.

#FreshHotFly Trio

It’s time to be Fresh, Hot, and Fly with three Limited Edition Pebble colors Pebbles to kick up your style and sync with your fun side. This special production run of new colors are available now for $150 on getpebble.com while supplies last.

Two summers ago, Pebblers voted on colors to join our original production lineup of Jet Black, Cherry Red, and Arctic White smartwatches.

#ColorMyPebble received thousands of submissions as Pebblers flexed their creative muscles and made their voices heard. Narrowing down everyone’s color ideas to two winners was tough—there were so many shades to love! Orange and Grey emerged triumphant, but we couldn’t shake the desire to produce new colors one day for Pebblers who wanted more.

That day has come.

Fresh Green, Hot Pink, and Fly Blue are standout shades that give any look the right dose of fun. Fresh, Hot, and Fly come with matching bands and—just like the rest of the Pebble lineup—are fully customizable with the skins and bands of your choice. We’re having lots of fun mixing and matching bands around between the different colors ourselves.

#FreshHotFly Wheel

Hand-in-hand with the debut of Fresh, Hot, and Fly are new watchfaces to enjoy on the Pebble appstore. We’ve got watchfaces in FreshHot, and Fly and an new weather watchface by The Weather Channel. Weather – powered by The Weather Channel is a great way to get current weather and forecasts on your wrist—we’re excited to share more about our work with this new partner in the coming weeks.

#FreshHotFly Twist

Eagle-eyed viewers of our #FreshHotFly video will also spy an animated Reading Rainbow watchface featuring 8-bit Levar Burton. The watchface will be publicly available later this year, after Reading Rainbow Kickstarter backers receive their Special Edition Pebbles.

We hope you enjoy the latest additions to the Pebble family. Be sure to check them out and let us know: are you Fresh, Hot, or Fly?

#FreshHotFly on Table