“Pizza’s Here!” Domino’s Lands on Pebble + Apps of the Week (Nov 13–19)

Pizza—like bacon—is tough to hate on. Admit it, when you or a friend orders pizza for delivery, “pizza’s here!” becomes the magic words you’re waiting to hear. Today, with the new Domino’s Pizza app in the Pebble appstore, those “pizza’s here” moments are landing on your wrist.

Domino's Pizza for Pebble

The Domino’s Pizza Pebble app brings the company’s Domino’s Tracker system to your watch, letting you follow your pizza’s journey from order, to baking, and (the best part) delivery. Take the app for a spin the next time a pizza craving hits you!

In addition to Domino’s debut on the appstore, we’ve got a new round of Apps of the Week to enjoy. Give these picks a go and check back next time for the latest round awesomeness.


Pixwag | Download (Black) » Download (White) »

Pixwag for Pebble

Made with love by Team Pebble Designer, Alexander Kirov! A lovely, simple watchface inspired by pixel graphics. Comes in two flavors 🙂

Pop Digit | Download »

After the current time is formed, the unused dots from the previous minute explode. Shake within 2 seconds of launching to invert colors. Pop! Pop!

Points | Download »

Points for Pebble

A designer digital watchface with date, battery meter, and connection notification. Pebble vibrates on disconnect.

Ruler Watch Reloaded | Download »

Ruler Reloaded  for Pebble

Time is displayed using a ruler that scrolls as time goes by. Invert colors and enable/disable vibration on the hour from the Settings screen. The latest version adds a battery gauge display option.


NFL Scorewatch | Download »

NFL Scorewatch for Pebble

Keep up with your favorite NFL teams right on your wrist. Follow live NFL games. To share feedback with the original developer, he’s holding court on the Pebble Forums!


ShakeDice | Download »

ShakeDice for Pebble

Press Up or Down to select and roll dice or coins. Press select or shake wrist to roll the displayed die.

Tools & Utilities

Alarms++ | Download »

Alarms++ for Pebble

With Alarms++ you can schedule alarms on specific weekdays. Set an alarm for your work days and another one for weekend. Up to 8 alarms with snooze function and 12h/24h support. Uses the new Wakeup-API in FW 2.7.

AutoPebble (Android) | Download »

Automate your Pebble with Tasker. Set customized lists that let you browse anything you want from your Pebble, like contacts, apps or even your home automation devices. Set actions for selecting, long-selecting and even for flicking your wrist.

LiveEnsure | Download »

LiveEnsure for Pebble

No passwords. No tokens. No biometrics. Just simple authentication for real people.

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