Merry Christmas, New Pebblers! Countdown to the Pebble #AppsOfTheYear (Team Picks)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our Pebble family to yours. We hope you’re enjoying a fun and relaxing time with loved ones. Judging by what we’re seeing online, lots of new Pebblers are joining our ranks today as presents got unwrapped.

#AppsOfTheYear Day 1

It’s a perfect time to share our favorite Pebble apps of 2014. The Pebble appstore’s got something for everyone and it’s a great place to start your new Pebble journey! We kick off this multi-day series with Team Pebble’s personal favorites, counting down to 2014’s Apps of the Year on New Year’s Eve.

Give the selections below a spin on the Pebble appstore, then check back tomorrow for the next installment of awesome: Watchfaces!

Team Pebble Picks of the Year

Caltrain | Download »

Caltrain for Pebble

A local transit app by our very own Katharine Berry, Caltrain shows the next trains arriving at any given Caltrain stop—no phone or internet required (the schedule is stored locally). If your Pebble is paired to a phone, Caltrain will automatically open the nearest station. 

Misfit | Download »

Misfit and Pebble

Get Misfit’s continuous, round-the-clock activity tracking and sleep monitoring right on your Pebble. Sync with Misfit’s iOS app to save your stats and monitor your progress. 

Multi Timer | Download »

Multi Timer for Pebble

Keep time like a boss with multiple, independent timers and stopwatches by Team Pebble Developer Matthew Tole. On Pebbles running Firmware 2.7 and up, your timers will run like clockwork, even while your watch is using another app or watchface.

Nav Me (Android) | Download »

Nav Me for Pebble

Nav Me displays real-time Google Maps directions when it detects that navigation from the Android app has begun. Pebblers on iOS can receive Google Maps navigation notifications without an external app. Simply allow Google Maps for iOS to send notifications, start navigation, then put your iPhone to sleep.

Pebble Bike | Download »

Pebble Bike

Pebble Bike is a GPS cycle computer. It uses your phone’s GPS to send speed, distance and altitude data to your Pebble. You can also see your track directly on your Pebble. It has an Auto Start feature, a Live Tracking function, and can use your Bluetooth LE Heart Rate Monitor.

UP by Jawbone | Download »

Jawbone for Pebble

UP shows daily and weekly activity progress—no Jawbone band required—and automatically syncs with its new UP app for iOS (and coming to Android soon).

Slider | Download »

Slider for Pebble

A simple and slick watchface. Get the time in four columns of randomly ordered numbers that slide into place like a slot machine.

Weather by The Weather Channel | Download »

The official weather app by The Weather Channel has been a real hit since its debut. With tons of options you can get live weather and shake your wrist for a multi-day forecast.

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