Pebble #AppsOfTheYear Countdown: Day 2 (Watchfaces)

It’s Boxing Day, a big shopping day in many parts of the world. Here on the Pebble Blog, it’s Watchface Day, featuring the faces that really delighted Pebblers’ wrists this year. Our multi-day countdown culminates on New Year’s Eve, when we present The 2014 Pebble Apps of the Year.

How I Pebble

After swagging out your Pebble with some of the year’s best watchfaces, check back tomorrow for the next Best Of category: Tools & Utilities! 

Missed a previous day in the countdown? Recap here:

Watchfaces of the Year

 90Degrees | Download (A) »Download (B) » • Download (C) »

90Degrees for Pebble

The 90Degrees watchface is pretty hawt—enjoy it in three different flavors.

91 Dub v2.0 | Download »

91 Dub for Pebble

One of the original and best retro watchfaces, Orviwan’s 91 Dub gives you options like a Battery Level Indicator, Blinking Time Separator, “Junkie Mode,” Bluetooth Disconnect Alerts, Hourly Vibration, and more.

Clipped 2.0 | Download »

Clipped for Pebble

A fun, super-sized face with digits bursting through the screen. With tons of different settings, you can really get Clipped just the way you want it. 

Domo | Download »

In partnership with Big Tent Entertainment, DOMO returned this year with new tricks up his sleeve.

Dotz | Download » Dotz for Pebble In the mood for a simple, elegant watchface with lovely animations? Check out one of Lukasz Zalewski’s all time best creations.

Futura Weather | Download » Futura Weather for Pebble See current weather conditions at a glance, updating every 15 minutes. Futura Weather indicates if the weather information is stale and gives you a heads-up if your Pebble loses its connection to your phone.

Metro Watch | Download » #FreshHotFly Trio Featured prominently during our launch of the #FreshHotFly Limited Edition Pebbles, Metro Watch’s simple, minimalist, and blocky style really compliments Pebble’s own shape.

Modern | Download » Modern for Pebble More awesome from Pebble’s talented Lukasz Zalewski! Modern is an analog watchface that’s all about class. Configure it just how you want it, like hourly vibrations and live weather.

Pixwag | Download (Black) » Download (White) » Pixwag for Pebble Made with love by Team Pebble Designer, Alexander Kirov! A lovely, simple watchface inspired by pixel graphics. Comes in two flavors 🙂

Pop Digit | Download »

We couldn’t help ourselves…demoing Pop Digit’s animation when a new minute passes just needs a Community reference.

Real Weather | Download »

Real Weather for Pebble

Forget simple icons, now there’s beautiful snapshots of the sky on your Pebble. A unique face for every kind of day and night.

Retro Clock | Download »

Retro Clock for Pebble

Reminiscent of old-timey flip-clocks, this watchface cleanly displays time and date. 

Revolution | Download »

Revolution for Pebble

Not only is Douwe Maan an original Pebble Kickstarter backer, his Revolution design has been a longtime favorite. Just like Pebble, it’s got staying power 🙂

YWeather | Download »

Real Weather for Pebble

YWeather displays the time and date in 15 languages. You also get the current weather for your city and—if you want—an extended forecast with a double-shake of your wrist.

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