Pebble #AppsOfTheYear Countdown: Day 6 (Health & Fitness)

We’re closing in on the finish line of our Apps of the Year countdown. Since many of us will be making fitness-related resolutions in a day or so, we’re featuring the best Health & Fitness apps.

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After breaking a sweat with today’s selections, come back tomorrow for the big show: The Pebble Apps of the Year.

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Health & Fitness Apps of the Year

FreeCaddie | Download »

FreeCaddie for Pebble

One of the first Pebble apps is still one of the best! This golf GPS rangefinder for iOS and Android integrates with Pebble for over 30,000 mapped golf courses. Make your next tee time awesome.

GymTimer | Download »

Gym Timer for Pebble

Track all kinds of exercises by configuring the number of sets and rest periods for each of your routines. Boost your performance and improve your time on your next gym adventure.

Morpheuz | Download »

Morpheuz for Pebble

Your Pebble, phone, and the free Morpheuz app are all you need to monitor your night’s sleep. Features include a  Sleep Graph, Smart Alarm, HealthKit Export, multiple watchfaces, Power Nap, Auto Export, and more.

Pedometer | Download »

Pedometer for Pebble

Made with love by one of our very own, Pedometer by Jathusan Thiruchelvanathan is an open-source, standalone activity tracker for Pebble. The latest version has sensitivity settings, improved accuracy, and slicker interface. View your steps and calories burned throughout your day and get a vibration when you reach your step goals.

RunKeeper | Download »

RunKeeper conveniently displays your activity stats automagically on your Pebble. Say goodbye to awkward armband-twisting and hello to quick wrist-glances for tracking your progress. | Download »

Bring all the functionality of a smart swim watch onto Pebble with the most advanced swimming app yet. The app automatically records distance, lap times, pace, strokes and other key metrics to provide feedback about your swim. Workouts can be automatically synced to using the companion app where you can track your progress, connect, and compete.

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