Started with our backers, now we’re here: Pebble hits the 1 million smartwatch milestone

Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky gave the world a taste of what’s in store for 2015, on top of a big milestone all Pebblers can take pride in: shipping our 1 millionth smartwatch. We managed to get Pebble no. 1 million—a Brushed Stainless Pebble Steel—sent to us at HQ. Grumpy Cat wasn’t too impressed, but we love what this particular unit represents.

Grumpy Cat + 1MM Pebble

To the uninitiated, this Pebble Steel looks like any other. In our eyes, it’s a hallmark of where we’ve been and where we can go next, with Pebblers by our side. If you’ve got an idea about what we should do with this super-special Pebble Steel, give us a shout on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the Pebble Forums, or on r/pebble!

Beyond the warm and fuzzies shipping our one millionth watch generated, we discovered a cool parallel between Pebble’s early performance and another iconic gadget’s: the iPod. Pebble sold 1MM smartwatches after its first seven quarters. Apple sold 977K iPods after its first seven quarters. That’s some good company to be in, eh?

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1 Million Pebbles!

Our path to this milestone is what excites our team the most. We got here because of Pebblers—backers, users, developers, fans, partners, friends, family, and colleagues—supporting us along the way. Every win, milestone, and achievement is thanks to you. We’ll take that path to growth any day of the week, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Rest assured, our small team’s got big things on deck for 2015. Some things may change, but our love and support for Pebblers will stay the same. Thanks for always being there for us!

<3, Team Pebble

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