7 Secret Tricks to Power-Pebble Like a Boss

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Pebblers love how their smartwatches get more awesome with time. There’s always cool new things to do and discover. Kick off the weekend with a roundup of tips to up your Pebble game.

Jumping to your favorite apps with one press, ordering menus how you want, and partying in the pool are just a taste of the seven powers you may not have known your Pebble had. Check them out below:

1) Quick Launch

Quick Launch lets you jump from a watchface to your favorite Pebble apps. It’s a beautiful way to access what you love with just one button press. Got two Pebble apps that you want to give VIP status to? Go for it:

  1. From your Pebble, press Select » Settings » Quick Launch.
  2. Select a button (Up or Down) you’d like to enable a Quick Launch shortcut for.
  3. Select Set App to assign a Quick Launch shortcut for the button you’re customizing.

Once set, a long press of the Up or Down buttons while in a watchface will Quick Launch the app you specified for each button. Easy!

2) Music Control

Surprise your pals with some music control magic… Pebble controls music playing from your smartphone right from your wrist. Currently, Pebble controls the default music app and Google music on Android. On iOS, Pebble controls any music or media app that uses the Apple’s default playback controls. As long as your Pebble and device are paired over Bluetooth, the Music app is your magic wand for keeping any dance party going from your watch. Even changing the volume from Pebble is no problem.

A long press of the Select button while in the Music app will change the track selection buttons to volume. From there you can turn things up or down (but why would you do that?).


3) Custom Menu Order

Moving your favorite Pebble apps higher up in the menu is a piece of cake (and everybody loves cake):

  1. From the Pebble Menu, highlight the app you’d like to move.
  2. Do a long press of the Select button until the highlighted app starts shaking it like a Polaroid picture.
  3. Move the selected app higher or lower in the menu as you wish.
  4. Press Select once more to lock in your choice.

4) Water Resistant Down to 50 Meters

You might have already figured this one out, but Pebble will go practically anywhere with you. Shower? No problem. Feeling like a few drinks in the hot tub? Pebble’s happy to soak with you. No need to take your watch off to wash your hands or do dishes!

Pebble is waterproof down to 50 meters!

The beauty of Pebble is that rain or shine, you don’t ever have to worry about taking it off.

5) Change Text Size of Notifications

Font Size - Large or Small

Is the text too small for you? Maybe it’s too big?

Go to Settings » Notifications » Font Size to toggle between Large or Small screen fonts.

6) Customize Your Watch

Pebble Designs

A lot of people don’t know this one, but it’s such an awesome function to Pebble! You can swap out your watch straps, which uses a standard 22m band. There is a lot to choose from in terms of colors and material.

customized straps

Pebble Watch has multiple Nylon leather and Nato Straps in a variety of colors

Pebble Steel allows you to swap between a leather and metal band.

AND the New Pebble Time watches will even have smartstraps — our open hardware accessory platform.


This will allow companies to create straps which include NFC readers, OLED displays, barometers and GPS modules, and Heart Rate Sensors. Click here for updates on when the new Pebble Time will be available.

7) Battery Life That’s Like Magic

For those of you aren’t yet part of the Pebble family, this may be surprising.

Who wants to be charging a wearable every night? Pebble will get you up to 7 days of usage without hooking it up to charge. And when you do need a charge, it takes only a few hours of juicing to get you back to full again.


We think your watch should spend it’s life on your wrist, not the charger. It’s battery magic!

… And there you have it!

Just a few things a lot of Pebblers don’t know about, but are well worth playing around with. Got a few we didn’t hit on? Reach out on Facebook or Twitter to let us know what you love and want to see next! Got feedback, an idea, or story to share? Tell us here ».

<3, Team Pebble


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