Pebble Apps of the Week (17–23 Apr)

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Apps are what make Pebble awesome. Ever since introducing our first smartwatch to the world, developers have used Pebble as a launchpad for doing fun, useful, and delightful things—right from your wrist. Our developer tools encourage people to give Pebble new features and capabilities that weren’t there before and share these apps with the community to enjoy. When our developer community wants Pebble to do something new, they build it!

Even better, Pebblers love working together. When one Pebbler needed help with an app to help manage the after effects of a stroke, the community banded together to craft an app that would help her out.

Apps are Pebble’s foundation—they’re the soul that gives your smartwatch life. With so many apps to choose from, we decided to do some soul-searching for those hidden gems.

Take a peek at what we found. | Download »

Bring all the functionality of a smart swim watch onto Pebble with the most advanced swimming app yet. The app automatically records distance, lap times, pace, strokes and other key metrics to provide feedback about your swim. Workouts can be automatically synced to using the companion app where you can track your progress, connect, and compete.

CPR Timer | Download »

In an emergency, knowing how to properly perform CPR can make a big difference.

When time is of the essence, searching online for the right way to administer CPR doesn’t make much sense. CPR Timer for Pebble can help you be a real-life hero by giving you CPR training prompts, right from the wrist. Designed to assist in correctly giving adult CPR to someone without a medically-assisted airway (i.e. most people you’ll encounter), CPR Timer vibrates Pebble 100x per minute to time compressions. After 30 compressions, the app times breaths at 15x per minute.

While no app is a replacement for full CPR training, CPR Timer is a great way to stay sharp on the skills you’ve learned in formal life-saving classes.

Orbtime | Download »

Pebble Orbtime Game

Even the busiest Pebblers have time to kill. That’s where fun, original Pebble games come into play.

Orbtime is like Tetris, but with a with a math twist. Clear your board of numbered orbs to win. Obs clear when its number equals to the amount of orbs within the row or column it occupies. One too many or too little and the orb stays on the board. While the basic mechanics are simple to start, there are advanced plays and orbs to really get hooked on playing.

After getting Orbtime on your wrist, check out some pro-tips from the developer himself!

Pebble Rocker (Android) | Download »

Pebble Rocker is the burrito of Pebble apps—it’s jam packed. It’s a bunch of widgets in one that control just about everything from social feeds to phone settings, all from your Pebble. You can view and change settings like your phone’s battery level, modify ringtones, change volume, toggle WiFi, Bluetooth, and more. Check out Pebble Rocker’s full menu of awesome on Google Play.

We really dig Pebble Rocker’s Camera Control. It turns Pebble into a remote shutter button so you can set up your Android phone for the perfect selfie or group shot.

Pebble Rocker App

Pebble Authenticator | Download »

Pebble Authticator

2-step verification is a great way to keep the bad guys out, but many of us avoid using it due to the extra time it takes get into accounts and profiles secured by it.

Pebble Authenticator saves time by generating the authentication codes you need to complete your account logins right on your wrist. If you use two-factor authentication with popular services like GMail, Dropbox, LastPass, AWS, and more. Take Pebble Authenticator for a spin and tell us what you think!

Watchface Generator | Download »

watchface generator

Itching to roll your own watchface, but don’t have the coding chops quite yet? Paul Rode is here to save the day with his Pebble Watchface Generator. With this fun watchface-building tool, you can:

  • Upload a background.
  • Toggle Analog/Digital.
  • Set Date options.
  • Pick typefaces.
  • Add extras like battery meters and more.

Pebblers have made hundreds of thousands of custom watchfaces already. If you haven’t made one yet, you’re missing out 🙂

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