Pebble Time Pre-orders start 22 June

Let Pebble Time Shipping Begin! Pre-Orders Start June 22

Pebble Time Shipping Starts Today

Let’s Ship Some Watches!

Pebble Time rewards begin their journeys home as shipments to our amazing Kickstarter backers are underway:

  • With Pebble Time now at distribution centers, shipping labels and tracking numbers will start going out and ramp up quickly.
  • The first 10,000 Pebble Time rewards will ship from our five distribution centers around the world this week.
  • From there, we’ll keep on shipping! All Pebble Time backers should receive tracking numbers by mid-June.

The support and feedback from our first million Pebblers since starting this journey has carried us further and faster than we imagined. Thanks to them, we’re delivering the most focused, purpose-built smartwatch for busy people to Get. Things. Done.

Pebble Time builds on the past, focuses on the present, and welcomes the future.

For Pebble Time-ready apps and watchfaces you’ll love at first sight, check our new guide »

Ready for the World, Your Wrist, and Pre-Orders

After getting Pebble Time on backers’ wrists, let’s make it rain everywhere else. You can help us spread the love.

Pebble Time pre-orders begin on Monday, June 22

Pre-order timing was a burning question ever since wrapping our last Kickstarter campaign. With the cat out of the bag, let’s welcome more Pebblers to the Time family. To stay in the loop about pre-order day, sign up at and we’ll remind you directly.

Better with Time

The best technology gets better with time. Updating the Pebble experience quickly and often is in Pebble’s DNA. Pebble Time continues this tradition with a steady flow of new features to watch out for:

  • Voice Notes app
  • Stocks app
  • Weather app
  • Increased international language support (e.g. Chinese, French, German, and Spanish)

If the number of Macs, iPhones, and iPads around Pebble HQ is any indication, we love Apple as much as everyone else. We’re excited to confirm that voice replies to Gmail notifications for iPhone users are coming in a future update. Bringing more iPhone voice features to life—like letting Pebble apps use Time’s built-in voice recognition software—is one of our next big priorities now that Pebble Time’s core software is complete.

We’ll post regularly on our progress on this front (it’s how we roll). Delivering on any big feature takes time, but it’ll be sweet, and—like all good things—worth the wait. Until then, no Pebble is an island. Tell us what you love now and what you want to see next. Send us your ideas, suggestions, and stories.

Team Up with Awesome Apps

Awesome doesn’t happen alone. We make it happen with our community of users, developers, and partners. Check out some Pebble Time-ready all-stars we love:

Transport with Uber® | Download »

Uber for Pebble

The pioneers of wearable tech meet the experts at getting around with Transport, powered by Uber®. Get from A-to-B the Pebble way. Request a pickup, choose your Uber®, and ride. Track the journey with live maps, driver info, and animations. Finished rides post to your timeline. Want an Uber® even faster? Open Transport then hold Select to quickly secure a ride with the same the car type you last chose. Check out the Uber® blog for the full story.

New to Uber®? Get your first ride free by clicking here or using promo code “PEBBLE” in your Uber® phone app.

ESPN® | Download »

ESPN for Pebble

Sports lovers: let your smartwatch be your scoreboard. ESPN knocked it out of the park for Pebble Time with a new look and feel. ESPN’s timeline pins deliver score changes, upcoming game starts, and more. Good timing for the NBA Playoffs going on right now, eh?

Fitocracy (iOS) | Download »

Fitocracy for Pebble

Get swole with Fitocracy, powered by FocusMotion. Track workouts and count reps automatically. Pick expert training programs and meet an awesome fitness community with the free iOS companion app.

iHeartRadio | Read More »

iHeartRadio for Pebble

Never miss a beat, thanks to iHeartRadio’s rockin’ timeline integration. Get future and past reminders for all your favorite iHeartRadio events—artist interviews, live concerts, and televised festivals—pinned right to your timeline.

TripAdvisor | Download »

TripAdvisor for Pebble

Discover awesome things to do and places to eat around you with TripAdvisor for Pebble. Want valuable travel insights based on millions of traveler reviews? Wanderlust never felt so good.

The Weather Channel | Download »

The Weather Channel now powers timeline’s built-in weather pins at sunrise and sunset, in addition offering a separate watchface that’s been a Pebble favorite since last summer. Keep in sync with Mother Nature by pressing Select on a weather pin in timeline for the day’s forecast.

Sample more tasty Pebble Time apps and watchfaces in our guide »

Until Next Time…

We can’t wait for backers to have first dibs on the most anticipated member of our Pebble family. Pebble Time distills everything our community loves most about a smartwatch worth wearing for years to come. Rally behind our vision of technology that gets better with time, appreciates focus over kitchen sinks, and makes doing what we love better. It’s a rock-solid foundation to build the future upon.

Kickstarter backers may be the first to experience the tiny moments of awesome Pebble Time brings to life, but they won’t be the last.

Go forth and make awesome happen.
<3, Team Pebble