Eventbrite for Pebble

Eventbrite + Pebble = Your Ticket to Fun

There’s nothing like being live and in person, and Team Pebble loves hosting great events. Whether it’s throwing a pajama party for Pebblers in Austin or meeting talented students in Waterloo, Eventbrite has helped Team Pebble bring our community together in fun, original ways—time and time again.

Today, enjoying live Eventbrite experiences gets even more awesome with a new app for Pebble’s timeline interface. Eventbrite for Pebble is live now on the appstore, ready to get you to your next fun gathering.

With Eventbrite for Pebble, events you’re registered for within the next three days sync automagically to your timeline. From there, everything you need is a wrist’s glance away—from date, time, and location to your QR-coded ticket!

So go ahead: choose your next Eventbrite adventure, round up a posse, and do more of what you love from your wrist’s best friend.

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