Pebble Time App for iPhone Updated to v3.3 (Release Notes)

Note: This post has been updated to include v3.3.1 of the Pebble Time iPhone app, a minor release with bug fixes and stability improvements.

Pebble TIme Round

We’ve added app support for Pebble Time Round, and more 🙂

Today’s update to the Pebble Time Watch app for iPhone includes increased weather support in timeline, preparation for upcoming firmware features, and many under-the-hood improvements and fixes. We recommend all Pebble Time users paired with iPhones to update to the latest. Full release notes below.

Multiple Weather Locations in Timeline

From My Pebble » Apps Timeline » The Weather Channel » Settings, you can now add forecasts for multiple locations. After adding them in Settings, the extra locations show up as small summaries in the standard timeline pins for Sunrise and Sunset.

Voice Language Setting

Voice Language Settings

Getting closer to including voice features for iPhone users 🙂

After updating, you’ll notice a new setting—Voice Language—within Menu » Settings. Adding this setting brings us a step closer to having voice features available for iPhone users with a watch from the Pebble Time lineup (Time, Steel, and Round).

An upcoming version of the Pebble SDK will allow third-party developers to use voice input in their apps. We’re excited to see what they come up with once the API is available to them!

New Bluetooth Low Energy Feature

To save battery life, the Pebble App will connect to a paired Pebble Time using Bluetooth Low Energy whenever possible.

This feature will be available when Pebble Time’s firmware is updated to version 3.6 later this month. The current public firmware is 3.4. We will not be releasing a 3.5 version of the firmware. The next firmware version we release publicly will jump straight to 3.6.

Pebble Time Watch for iPhone 3.3.1 Release Notes

  • NEW: Added support for multiple weather locations in timeline. The extra locations appear as a small summary in the main weather timeline pin.
  • NEW: Support for Pebble Time Round.
  • NEW: Support for Pebble Dictation API. Pebble developers can now integrate voice features into their apps.
  • NEW: App will connect to Pebble using Bluetooth Low Energy whenever possible, saving battery life. This feature requires Pebble watch Firmware 3.6 and above, coming later this month.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements to version 3.2.
  • Download 3.3.1 from the iTunes App Store.