Pebble Time Smartstraps We Love

If our Time-Series watches were peanut butter, then smartstraps are the jelly: sweet extras that make things more awesome. Smartstrap accessories give Pebble Time new powers with technology embedded in the band.

Check out two emerging projects we’re supporting on Kickstarter.

Pagaré: Secure, Wireless Payments

Your watch becomes your wallet with Pagaré by FitPay. The wireless payment smartstrap is secure, fast, and easy. Pay with a wave and go. Works with Pebble Time, Time Steel, and Time Round (20mm).

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VÜ Pulse: Heart Rate Monitoring and Wireless Charging

The VÜ cradles your Pebble Time or Time Steel to add heartrate monitoring and Qi wireless charging. Maintain your target heartrate during workouts and declutter your life with less cables.

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Pebble is the most open wearable platform for both software developers and hardware hackers, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Letting the community create apps and watchfaces with our SDK has expanded what Pebble watches can do exponentially. We can’t wait to see what smartstraps emerge to build upon this momentum on the hardware side.