Open, Collaborative, Crowdsourced: Meet the Pebble Health Wellness Platform

“Big things have small beginnings.”

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Pebble’s dedicated wellness ecosystem got its start when Pebble Health launched last year with step and sleep tracking, and we’ve worked tirelessly to evolve it further.

Today, we’re introducing our vision for a world-class suite of services for developing and nurturing healthy habits. No matter where we are in our fitness journeys, we can all use help in living healthier and happier—whether that’s by managing stress, staying active, getting the right vitamins and nutrients, or taking time for reflection.

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Introducing Open Health for Healthier Habits

Health’s place in the world of wearable technology is still uncharted territory—there’s much to discover and many questions to answer. No one yet knows exactly which services will work best for people, or how to best deliver a tailored, personalized experience that goes beyond cookie-cutter “solutions.” As part of our mission to pioneer and build the best wearable experiences imaginable, we’re making the Pebble Health platform more open and collaborative than ever.

To start, the Pebble Health Open Wellness Platform is:

  • Publishing our activity tracking algorithms.
  • Piloting an app-based mood and mindfulness program.
  • Collaborating with top researchers to bring the benefits of cutting-edge health science directly to you.

Unlocking how wearable technology can deliver groundbreaking insights into health and wellness starts today, hand-in-hand with the brightest minds, the latest science, and a devoted community (that’s you!).

Open Activity Algorithms = a Better Pebble Health

Published algorithms are the missing piece in making wearables useful to developers and relevant to healthcare researchers, but no wearable device maker has opened the black box—until now. Providing greater visibility into how these algorithms work will allow others to expand upon our offerings, validate our output, and recommend improvements. Opening Pebble Health’s activity algorithms to the world will make for better products and stronger collaboration all around.

We’re excited to take this first, critical step towards a more transparent, comprehensive health development platform! For more about our approach and the work underway, visit the new Pebble Research Blog on Medium.

Meet the Happiness App

Health is bigger than steps, sleep, and workouts. A complex interplay between your mood, sense of energy, and stress levels impacts on how well you feel overall. We’re piloting an exciting new way to understand how habits and regular events throughout the day affect your mood, energy, and overall well-being with the Happiness App.

Happiness App

From the convenience of your Pebble, Happiness is an experimental, one-week program that regularly checks in on how you’re doing, then delivers helpful insights from the information collected.

Happiness App

The Happiness App is available for Time-Series watches today on the Pebble appstore. After adding Happiness to your watch, simply select it from your mobile app to complete initial setup and begin the program. Visit our Support site for more details about initial setup.

We’ve been playing with the app internally, and have already discovered fun insights and results. Read about our experience so so far on the Pebble Research Blog.

Collaborative Steps with Stanford’s Mobilize Research Center

Sharing our open approach and fostering collaboration with experts who know what it takes to effectively and sustainably improve your well-being is a main focus of our work with Pebble Health. To start, we’re working with Stanford University’s Mobilize Research Center to develop an app that encourages participants to be more active throughout the day.

“Long periods of inactive, sedentary time are associated with greater incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes,” says Jennifer Hicks, Director of Data Science at Mobilize, “but relatively few interventions specifically target this behavior.” As one of the largest studies of its kind, the proposed study has the potential to deliver groundbreaking insights towards solving this widespread, complex problem.

By working with research groups, Pebble can improve and extend our existing developer toolset to make it easier for researchers to build health-related apps. In the long run, we hope our users can reap the benefits of these learnings as we make these apps and studies available to our community.

Pebble Research Blog

We’re publishing our algorithms along with our own research studies on our new Pebble Research Blog. Check it out as we add more content from the medical research community! You can also join our Health Mailing List for early access to experimental apps and research programs.

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