iOS Text Reply Expands to More Users, Actionable Emails Coming Next

Pebble watches are still the only non-Apple wearables that can reply to received iOS Messages. It’s part of the work we do to deliver a rich, fully-featured integration with iPhone that keeps getting better. From being able to filter which apps send notifications to your wrist to integrating Pebble Health with Apple’s HealthKit, making the Pebble iOS experience the best it can be is how we roll.

Actionable notifications like Pebble replies to texts and emails are a bit easier to implement for Android users, thanks to that operating system’s more open philosophy, but we’re always hard at work to make the Pebble experience on both mobile platforms as consistent as possible. The new features available for iOS Pebble users today have been available to Android users for some time now.

Pebble iOS Text Replies

iOS Text Reply Sneak Peek for UK, Australia, The Netherlands, and T-Mobile US

Today, iOS Text Reply for Pebble is now available as a sneak peek in the UK, Australia, The Netherlands, and to T-Mobile customers in the US. After setup, Classic and Time-Series Pebble watches can respond to incoming items from the iOS Messages app.

To set up Pebble Text Replies for iPhone:

  1. Update your Pebble app for iOS to version 3.13 or higher (a 3.13.1 update coming today will make visibility of the new feature more explicit).
  2. Make sure your Time-Series Pebble is on firmware 3.13 or higher (3.12.1 or higher for Classic watches).
  3. Go to the iOS app’s Menu » Settings » Text Replies to complete initial authentication.
  4. For security, the Pebble app will ask you to re-authenticate Text Replies every 30 days.

iOS Reply Setup

iOS Text Replies for Pebble work around the restrictions present on Apple’s Messages app for iPhone. Text Replies from your Pebble are sent as SMS directly through wireless carriers and won’t appear in your iOS Messages history. What you will see is a confirmation from your watch that your text reply was sent.

With today’s expanded support for iOS Text Reply, the majority of Pebble users can enjoy a popular feature that began rolling out last year. We will continue to add iOS Text Reply support for new regions, building on the current list so far:

  • Australia
  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • US AT&T (post-paid contracts)
  • US Verizon
  • US T-Mobile

While the recent announcement of developer access to Messages in iOS 10 is great news for apps looking to integrate with iOS Messages’ on-phone experience, it’s not quite the access products like Pebble need to integrate text replies more seamlessly with the iPhone. If you would like to see an open iOS Messages API for smart accessories like Pebble, be sure to share your feedback here »

iOS Email Actions: Join Our Private Beta

While solving for iOS Text Replies, we’ve also been working to deliver iOS Email Actions for Pebble. This feature will let Time-Series watches reply, archive, and delete emails received from your iPhone. This week, we’d like to invite a handful of Pebble users help us beta test this richer email notification experience.

Apply for Pebble’s iOS Email Actions Beta Test here »

The beta test pool will start off small, so hang tight if you’re not initially invited to be a tester.

Until next time,

Team Pebble

Full release notes below.

Pebble app for iPhone 3.13.1 Release Notes

  • Increased visibility of Custom Text Reply support for users in the UK, Australia, The Netherlands, and T-Mobile US, available since version 3.13. Send custom SMS responses to received iOS Messages.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Download 3.13.1 from the iTunes App Store.

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