Smart, Snazzy, and Active: Pebble Time Round Special Editions Come to Kickstarter

When we kicked off this project, we promised the campaign would showcase the entire Pebble lineup for 2016. Letting you pick the best mix of our new wearables in one place makes total sense.

The feedback from Pebble Time Round fans has been awesome. You’re eager to see something cool for it during this project. We hear you loud and clear!

Thanks to you, we’re bringing our lightest, thinnest, and most stylish activity tracking smartwatch to Kickstarter with a pair of Pebble Time Round Special Editions.

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Pebble Time Round KS Editions

Brand-new, Polished Finishes for $199

Pebble Time Round is the smartwatch for any occasion where timeless style is a must. Choose your own adventure with two Kickstarter Edition finishes in polished Gold or Silver.

The round, color e-paper display and marine-grade stainless steel chassis take center stage, balanced by luxe accents befitting this stylish timepiece. Smoked numbering adds subtle gloss to the jet black decorative bezel. The ebony, genuine leather band sports matching clasps and quick-release pins so you can easily swap in any 20mm band your ensemble calls for.

Get your smartwatch fix incognito: enjoy Pebble Health activity tracking, notifications, apps, and voice features in a design that’s less Inspector Gadget and more 007.

PTR KS Editions

Claim Yours First on Kickstarter

Backers who pledge for Pebble Time Round on Kickstarter will have these new models before anyone else and receive an exclusive laser engraving when they start shipping in September.

We’re giving backers a range of options to make these special editions their own, including a combo pack for those who want one Pebble for the gym and pool and another Pebble for date night or dinner with clients:

  • $199 for one (1) Pebble Time Round in polished Gold or Silver
  • $298 for one (1) Pebble Time Round + One (1) Pebble 2

Fun Fact: Even with multiple watches in your collection, Pebble Health seamlessly consolidates step and sleep stats between your Pebbles for one, unified view!

Pebble 2 on Kickstarter

Can’t decide between chic and sporty? Go both ways with the $298 Pebble Time Round + Pebble 2 Combo Pack.

Managing Your Pledge

With new rewards to consider, current backers can easily change their pledges to a reward tier that suits them best while the campaign is live.

To pledge for a mix of Pebble rewards that don’t currently exist as an official tier, follow these steps:

  1. Pledge for an official reward tier that best fits the mix of Pebbles you want.
  2. In early July, we’ll invite you to complete your Reward survey. This survey will let you choose color/finish preferences, set a delivery address, and add on and pay for any additional Kickstarter reward items you’d like.
  3. Add-on items are priced at the Early Bird level, with the same shipping costs. Add-ons will not impact the shipping order of the original Reward you backed.

PTR Special Editions on Kickstarter

These special editions feature everything fans cherish about Pebble Time Round’s “modern classic” design—the always-on display, up to two days of battery life, Pebble Health, a mic for voice features, thousands of custom apps and faces, compatibility with Pebble Core and the upcoming Pebble 4.0 operating system—in new finishes that pop in all the right ways. We can’t wait for our backers to welcome them home first from Kickstarter.

The 20mm Pebble Time Round in Polished Gold and Silver will retail at $199 when they go on sale, after Kickstarter rewards have shipped.

Pebble Time Round Special Editions are in limited supply—back them now on Kickstarter to claim first dibs.

Until next time,

Team Pebble