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Smarthole Hoodie

We’re excited to share a special fashion design project with Pebble wearables in mind. Created by Pebble’s very own Head of Industrial Design, Mark Solomon, The Smarthole Hoodie is live now on the Betabrand Think Tank.

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With your votes and input, you can help improve the final product, unlock special savings if the project makes it to the crowdfunding phase, and earn early access to Smarthole Hoodie prototypes and first editions.

Meet The Smarthole Hoodie

Smarthole Hoodie Design

Designed with smartwatches and wearables like Pebble Core in mind, The Smarthole Hoodie wants to bring a piece of apparel we all love into the 21st century.

The Smarthole Hoodie features an aperture to view your smartwatch in any situation, an internal pocket to keep your phone secure, and even a pocket and headphone channel to store the all-new Pebble Core ultrawearable.

Vote for the Smarthole Hoodie on Betabrand »

From the project page:

Smartwatches today are designed to allow people quick peeks at and responses to their connected world without having to take their phone out of their pocket every 10 seconds. Smartwatches are also our health and heart rate monitors.

If you are wearing anything with long sleeves, especially long sleeves with a tight cuff (like a hoodie), you cannot simply raise your wrist to your eyes to see your screen. You have to use other hand to lift away material to access your watch. This all makes pulling out the phone a better, easier alternative to dealing with sleeves, and limits how you use your Smartwatch.

Support the Project and Improve the Design

"Make hoodies great again."

“Make hoodies great again.”

Vote for the Smarthole Hoodie on Betabrand »

Betabrand Think Tank projects are a whole new way to bring creative fashion designs to life. After voting for projects you want to see get funded, the community can collaborate with designers directly to improve proposed products and make them more awesome. Products with the most votes move to the next phase, where they’re crowdfunded to get made.

Smarthole Hoodie Design

Project creator Mark Solomon is currently considering four potential designs for the hoodie’s smartwatch sleeve. After voting for the project, you can work with him directly, sharing your input and ideas!

If you like what you see, join the Betabrand community and show your support for The Smarthole Hoodie.

Keep in touch with Mark and Pebble’s Industrial Design game: follow him on Twitter and add him on Snapchat!

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