Congratulations Carli Lloyd: 2015 Pebble Time of The Year Award Winner!

Pebble is all about helping people enjoy the time they have. Whether it means running the streets, making baristas think you’re from the future, kicking it at the pool, or bringing home championship trophies, we’re all about moments of awesome—big and small.

Congratulations, Carli Lloyd, Pebble's 2015 Time of The Year Award Honoree!

Congratulations, Carli Lloyd, Pebble’s 2015 Time of The Year Award Honoree!

During the 2015 ESPYs, Pebble is debuting its Time of The Year Award, recognizing one inspirational figure who is living a pivotal moment in her or his life. Beyond honoring someone for regular, awe-inspiring day-to-day performance, Pebble’s Time of the Year Award is here to commemorate a defining time in someone’s life or career. We’re presenting our inaugural Time of The Year Award recipient with a special commemorative Gold Pebble Time Steel smartwatch, in addition to a second Pebble Time Steel to share with one lucky fan.

After playing one of the best seasons of her career to date; winning The Women’s World Cup’s Golden Ball (for Best Player) and Silver Boot (for 2nd Most Goals Scored); and leading Team USA to its third FIFA Women’s World Cup victory, it is with great pleasure that we name Houston Dash and US Women’s National Team soccer star, Carli Lloyd, as the first-ever Pebble Time of The Year Award honoree. It’s Carli’s time, now.

As huge soccer fans, Team Pebble was on the edge of its seat for every game. We were blown away by Carli’s performance in the tournament, and the huge boost she gave as a team leader. Her goal from midfield was plain epic. For laying it all out on the field, we couldn’t help but applaud Carli and recognize the awesome moments she’s made happen.

Congratulations, Carli! Keep being awesome.

Win a Pebble Time Steel!

Are you a super-fan of Carli Lloyd and US Women’s Soccer? Do you have what it takes to win Carli’s #TimeOfTheYear Pebble Time Steel? Stay tuned to this blog post for details on how to enter the drawing and show us what you’ve got!

Until next time!

<3,Team Pebble

Happy 4th of July

4 x 4 for the 4th: Pebble Up Your Independence Day


4th of July Apps and Faces

Freedom. Independence. Fireworks. Red, white, and blue.

It’s The 4th of July and Pebble is ready to rock with apps and faces to make Independence Day a little more awesome. Grab our picks in the Pebble appstore or show us what you’ve got and make your own!

4 Apps to Make the 4th More Fun

Grill Timer | Download »

Grill Timer on the Pebble appstore

Be the cookout hero with Grill Timer. With over 100 pre-programmed foods, Grill Timer will tell you how long to cook, the proper temperature to maintain, when to flip, and when to serve.

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Pebble Time Pre-orders start 22 June

Let Pebble Time Shipping Begin! Pre-Orders Start June 22

Pebble Time Shipping Starts Today

Let’s Ship Some Watches!

Pebble Time rewards begin their journeys home as shipments to our amazing Kickstarter backers are underway:

  • With Pebble Time now at distribution centers, shipping labels and tracking numbers will start going out and ramp up quickly.
  • The first 10,000 Pebble Time rewards will ship from our five distribution centers around the world this week.
  • From there, we’ll keep on shipping! All Pebble Time backers should receive tracking numbers by mid-June.

The support and feedback from our first million Pebblers since starting this journey has carried us further and faster than we imagined. Thanks to them, we’re delivering the most focused, purpose-built smartwatch for busy people to Get. Things. Done.

Pebble Time builds on the past, focuses on the present, and welcomes the future.

For Pebble Time-ready apps and watchfaces you’ll love at first sight, check our new guide »

Ready for the World, Your Wrist, and Pre-Orders

After getting Pebble Time on backers’ wrists, let’s make it rain everywhere else. You can help us spread the love.

Pebble Time pre-orders begin on Monday, June 22

Pre-order timing was a burning question ever since wrapping our last Kickstarter campaign. With the cat out of the bag, let’s welcome more Pebblers to the Time family. To stay in the loop about pre-order day, sign up at and we’ll remind you directly.

Better with Time

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Moms Make Awesome Happen

Back in the day, Pebble started out as a team of five.

Happy mother's day

Jasmine and newest Pebble baby, Tristan, having a moment 🙂

As Team Pebble grows, we get to welcome and befriend both new colleagues and their families. Mother’s Day gives us a chance to show love to both Pebble’s Moms and the awesome moms everywhere. They’re the superheroes we look up to every day:

Happy mother's day

Elles and Bing grab some refreshment. Fun fact: the little guy started walking the day Pebble Time launched on Kickstarter!

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Up Your Pebble Watchface Game!

Download Thin »

Thin by Chris Lewis

Thin by Chris Lewis is live now on the Pebble appstore. Get it in color with Pebble Time!

With traditional watches, you’ve got one face forever—changing your watch’s look means shelling out for something new. Not so much with Pebble, though.

Since the beginning, you’ve remixed Pebble in ways we never would have imagined. Giving you a wrist-top canvas to express yourself remains one of coolest reasons to have a Pebble—you know it’s true! Pebblers are pretty darn creative. We love seeing your personalizations as much as you love making them happen.

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Getting punny for the weekend

Enjoy some Pebble jokes for the weekend!

It’s time. No, not Pebble Time—though we’ve got plenty of that on deck. It’s time kick off the weekend with some jokes.

Good puns are always welcome at Pebble. If the joke has to do with watches or time, even better! Since we’re all about sharing the love, why not end the week on a light note with a few that made us chuckle? Test ‘em out on friends and family this weekend—see how many smiles you get versus side-eyes 🙂

Looking to deliver the perfect time-related pun? Watch and learn.

clockwork orange

When a clock gets mad it gets ticked off.

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7 Secret Tricks to Power-Pebble Like a Boss

Pebble: More to Love at Sweet New Prices

Pebblers love how their smartwatches get more awesome with time. There’s always cool new things to do and discover. Kick off the weekend with a roundup of tips to up your Pebble game.

Jumping to your favorite apps with one press, ordering menus how you want, and partying in the pool are just a taste of the seven powers you may not have known your Pebble had. Check them out below:

1) Quick Launch

Quick Launch lets you jump from a watchface to your favorite Pebble apps. It’s a beautiful way to access what you love with just one button press. Got two Pebble apps that you want to give VIP status to? Go for it:

  1. From your Pebble, press Select » Settings » Quick Launch.
  2. Select a button (Up or Down) you’d like to enable a Quick Launch shortcut for.
  3. Select Set App to assign a Quick Launch shortcut for the button you’re customizing.

Once set, a long press of the Up or Down buttons while in a watchface will Quick Launch the app you specified for each button. Easy!

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Win sweet music gear for your next work meeting or dance party in our #GOVEING video contest!

When we heard British Prime Minister David Cameron had to give MP Michael Gove a bollocking for accidentally blasting Beyoncé on his phone using his Pebble, we were all:

"Oh lawd."

“Oh lawd.”

As awkward as a dressing down from your head of government is for “accidental Pebbling,” we can make lemonade with these lemons! We’re calling on Pebblers to help make #GOVEING a thing, with a chance to win some sweet music prizes from us and our friends at Pandora, SOL REPUBLIC, and Ultimate Ears.

Simply post a video of yourself using Pebble to play your favorite song somewhere random and fun with the #GOVEING hashtag, then submit your entry to our contest page (full details below).

Happy #GOVEING! Can’t wait to hear your favorite songs and see your sweet moves.

<3, Team Pebble


Pebble loves you like XO.


5 Winners (for Best Videos) will receive:

  • 1 Pebble in Jet Black, Arctic White, or Cherry Red
  • 1 Year of Pandora One*
  • 1 Ultimate Ears (UE) Boom Speaker

1 Winner (Random Drawing) will receive:

  • 1 Pebble in Jet Black, Arctic White, or Cherry Red
  • 1 Year of Pandora One*
  • 1 SOL REPUBLIC Punk Speaker

Everyone who posts a video and enters the contest will receive a sweet Pebble sticker!**

Enter on Facebook

  1. Share Pebble’s #GOVEING video in a post.
  2. Make and share your own video, with the #GOVEING hashtag included.
  3. Submit your entry to our contest page.

Enter on Instagram

  1. Like Pebble’s #GOVEING video on Instagram.
  2. Make and share your own video, with the #GOVEING hashtag included.
  3. Submit your entry to our contest page.

Enter on Twitter

  1. Share Pebble’s #GOVEING video in a tweet.
  2. Make and share your own video, with the #GOVEING hashtag included.
  3. Submit your entry to our contest page.

Enter on YouTube

  1. Like Pebble’s #GOVEING video on YouTube.
  2. Make and share your own video, with the #GOVEING hashtag included.
  3. Submit your entry to our contest page.

*Prize winners outside of the US, Australia, or New Zealand will receive 12 months of Spotify Premium in lieu of one year of Pandora One.

**Entries will be accepted until midnight (Pacific Time) on Saturday, 7 Feb 2015. Winners will be announced on Monday, 9 Feb 2015. Prizes will be delivered by Monday, 23 Feb 2015.

Love Pebble back? Join our Team!

If you (or a friend) develop for Android or iOS, are passionate about bringing wearables to the masses, want to push Pebble to the next level, and love working with an awesome team at an innovative company, check out our Jobs page to get in touch! As a side perk, blasting Beyoncé during meetings is never looked down upon 🙂

Beyoncé during a meeting is never an accident.

Reach out on Facebook or Twitter to let us know what you love and want to see next! Got feedback, an idea, or story to share? Tell us here »

Cheers to the Pebble #AppsOfTheYear

It’s the last day of the year and Team Pebble’s ready to ring in 2015 in style. It’s been great looking back on the amazing moments 2014 brought to the world of Pebble apps. We’re looking forward to an even bigger, sweeter, awesome-er 2015…with Pebblers sitting shotgun the whole way through 🙂

Happy New Year!

Our week-long countdown ends today as we celebrate and toast the Pebble Apps of the Year. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, Pebblers! See you on the flip side.

Missed a previous day in the countdown? Recap here:

Pebble Apps of the Year

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