Pebble App Challenge Final

Two Enter. One Leaves. It’s the Pebble App Challenge Final

This is it, ladies and gentlemen: the main event. Voting came down to the wire, but we have our finalists. The apps which emerged victorious from their semifinal matches to compete for the inaugural Pebble App Challenge Championship are:

Glance vs Smartwatch+

Glance v Smartwatch

Which will it be? Glance (left) or Smartwatch+ (right)?

Today’s voting has begun. Head to the Pebble appstore to pick the app you’d like to see emerge victorious and claim the $5,000 grand prize. The champion will be declared tomorrow, Friday, 11 April (follow the live Pebble App Challenge bracket).

It’s also the last day to enter a drawing for five $500 cash prizes and exclusive Pebble swag:
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Pebble App Challenge Semifinals

Pebble App Challenge Showdown: Final Four

We’re two rounds away from crowning a champion in the Pebble App Challenge—congratulations to our Final Four for making it this far! Today’s voting has begun, so fire up the Pebble appstore to pick the contenders you’d like to see go head-to-head in tomorrow’s Final:

Apps with the most Pebble appstore votes in each match will move on to the Final. The champion will be declared on Friday, 11 April (follow the live Pebble App Challenge bracket).

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Pebble App Showdown Day 1

Ready, Set, Vote! Win $500 + Swag in the Pebble App Challenge

After narrowing down our Pebble App Challenge submissions from 218 contestants to 16 finalists, it’s time for Pebblers to vote in our showdown: help us select a champion by this Friday, 11 April.

Our Challenge Finalists have been matched up in a tournament-style bracket. The apps with the most Pebbler votes for each daily matchup will move on to the next round, until a champion is declared at the end of the week.

To vote:

  1. Open the Pebble smartphone app for iOS or Android.
  2. Navigate to the Menu » Get Apps.
  3. Tap the “Vote Now” banner at the top of the Get Apps screen.
  4. Pick your favorites!
  5. The voting period each day is 8:00am–midnight, US Pacific Time.
Vote for your favorites in the Pebble App Challenge on the Pebble appstore for a chance to win $500 + swag.

Vote for your favorites in the Pebble App Challenge on the Pebble appstore for a chance to win $500 + swag.

BONUS: We’re giving away $500 cash prizes and exclusive Pebble swag to five randomly-selected voters! To enter:

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Pebble iOS App v2.1.1 Available Now (Release Notes)

We’re happy to announce an update to the Pebble iOS App (v.2.1.1) is available now for download on the iTunes App Store. As of this writing, the app has only just been made public. It may take time for the update to appear on all app store servers globally.

Pebble Steel

photo credit: @byDavor on Twitter

With so many cool apps on the Pebble appstore now, this latest version of the Pebble iOS App makes it easy and fun to share awesome Pebble apps with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, and text message.

For example, if you discover the super-cool Futura Weather watchface by Niknam Moslehi and want to share your find with fellow Pebblers, you can easily email, Tweet, post, or text it out.

Sharing Pebble appstore finds, quickly and easily.

Sharing Pebble appstore finds, quickly and easily.

Full release notes below.

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An update on Android

Hi everybody,

This is a different sort of blog post than we have done before at Pebble, so let me start by introducing myself. My name is Kean Wong, and I lead the software engineering group at Pebble. I wanted to grab a few minutes of your time to introduce myself and to bring you up to speed on some of the activities going on in the Pebble software group, particularly on our Android app development.

I joined Pebble in September of last year, and have been enjoying every day helping lead the software team to get the new 2.0 software shipped (more on that later in this blog). The software team is both going through a lot of growth, as well as looking carefully at how we are developing, testing, and releasing the Pebble software. I hope that you have started to see the impact of the hard work that we are doing to ship reliable, high-quality, innovative features for your Pebble.

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Pebble appstore device lineup

Saddle up Pebble devs: the Pebble appstore is coming soon

Today, we are proud to announce exciting news to our developer community: the Pebble Developer Portal is now open! Pebble app developers can now upload their Pebble apps for distribution in the upcoming Pebble appstore. When it launches in early 2014, the Pebble appstore will be a first-of-its-kind wearable tech application directory—giving Pebble users a one-stop-shop for searching, browsing, and installing Pebble watch faces and apps directly from the iOS or Android Pebble smartphone app.

Music Boss and PebbleSnap on the Pebble appstore

The introduction of SDK 2.0 included four major new APIs—Javascript, Accelerometer, Data Logging, and Persistent Storage—and the response has been phenomenal. We know developers have excitedly anticipated submitting their SDK 2.0 Pebble apps to the Pebble app store.

The time is now.

For full details, visit the Pebble app store announcement on our Developer Blog »

Pebble appstore Press Kit for Media and Press »

Introducing iOS 7 notifications and Pebble SDK 2.0

It’s been a very exciting year for Pebble. There are now over 190,000 Pebbles on wrists everywhere, we’ve built strong retail partnerships with Best Buy and AT&T, and we’ve grown our team — all thanks to wonderful Pebble users like you. For those who don’t have a Pebble yet, all five colors are in stock at and for a limited time we’re offering free priority shipping (5-7 days worldwide).

Of course, it takes more than hardware to make a great smartwatch and we’ve been working closely with developers worldwide to help them create thousands of apps for Pebble customers on both iOS and Android. While we’re proud of these achievements, we’ve been working hard to take Pebble to the next level. Today we’re announcing new software that’s going to make Pebble even more useful.

First, we’re introducing a more delightful user experience for Pebble customers using iOS. Pebble is now fully integrated with iOS 7 and works seamlessly with Notification Center. This means that any notifications you’ve enabled in Notification Center on your iOS 7 device will appear on your Pebble — just like that. It’s easier than ever to pick and choose which updates you want to see on your watch. This includes notifications beyond calls, texts and emails, such as Calendar, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Flipboard and more. A new Pebble app for iOS will enable this functionality and is under review by Apple. Expect an update in the iTunes Store soon.

Here’s a video that shows what iOS 7 support looks like.

Second, we’re launching Pebble SDK 2.0, which makes it even easier for developers to build awesome Pebble apps. SDK 2.0 opens up an entire universe of rich new watch apps thanks to four new APIs: Javascript, Accelerometer, Data Logging and Persistent Storage. These API allow developers to make Pebble apps that interface directly with the web (real-time weather, transit info, location check-in), access the accelerometer (health/fitness monitoring and gesture-based remote control), log data when disconnected from the phone (health/fitness tracking), and store info on the watch (high scores for games, settings). You can find out more about SDK 2.0 on the Pebble developer blog.

This is just the beginning. Seamless integration with iOS 7 is one of many ways we’re continuously improving Pebble’s user experience. While we’re just starting to roll out SDK 2.0, we already have some amazing watch apps in the works from partners like iControl, Foursquare, GoPro and Yelp. Pebble’s always been an open platform and we can’t wait to see what else developers create with SDK 2.0 — there’s a lot more to come.

Until then, we know you like numbers, so here are a few:

  • Number of Pebbles on wrists worldwide: 190,000
  • Number of apps and faces downloaded: 2 million
  • Number of apps and faces on 2,200
  • Number of watchfaces created on 80,000
  • Number of companion apps available on the iTunes and Google Play stores: 50+
  • Number of developers: 10,000+