Merry Christmas, New Pebblers! Countdown to the Pebble #AppsOfTheYear (Team Picks)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our Pebble family to yours. We hope you’re enjoying a fun and relaxing time with loved ones. Judging by what we’re seeing online, lots of new Pebblers are joining our ranks today as presents got unwrapped.

#AppsOfTheYear Day 1

It’s a perfect time to share our favorite Pebble apps of 2014. The Pebble appstore’s got something for everyone and it’s a great place to start your new Pebble journey! We kick off this multi-day series with Team Pebble’s personal favorites, counting down to 2014’s Apps of the Year on New Year’s Eve.

Give the selections below a spin on the Pebble appstore, then check back tomorrow for the next installment of awesome: Watchfaces!

Team Pebble Picks of the Year

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Lights, Smartwatch, Action: Android Wear notifications come to Pebble (Release Notes)

UPDATE: The Pebble Android app (v2.3) with Android Wear compatibility is now out if Beta. Download it today on the Google Play Store.


Android Wear + Pebble

‘Tis the season for anticipation. We count down the days to gifts and good wishes, and we just can’t wait. We’ve been in the workshop ourselves, crafting something Android Pebblers will love unwrapping. Version 2.3 of our Android app gives Pebble the power to reply and act on notifications right from your watch. It’s Android Wear notification compatibility on Pebble, and it’s awesome.

Android users on our own team are super thrilled with what version 2.3 lets them do from their Pebbles. We’ve built actions that even Android Wear devices themselves don’t perform.

Reply to a Hangouts message with emoji? Thumbs up.

NOTE: A new update to the Hangouts app for Android requires downloading the Android Wear application to get replies working (even for Pebble—mawp).

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Bienvenue, Willkommen, and Bienvenida to new Pebble localizations (Release Notes)

UPDATE: This post has been revised to include release notes for Pebble’s Firmware (v2.8.1) and Android app (v2.2) updates.

Pebble in French, German, and Spanish

We’re flipping the switch on something that kept a low profile in Firmware 2.8, awaiting updates to Pebble’s iOS and Android apps. With version 2.6 for iOS (ready now) and 2.2.0 for Android (coming soon), we’re thrilled to make Pebble and its apps more multi-lingual than ever with international translation.

Pebble app, now in French, German, and Spanish

Today brings full French, German, and Spanish support to Pebble’s interfaces, making the Pebble experience even more enjoyable for native speakers of those languages.

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A world of increíble Pebble updates: Firmware, Android, and iOS (Release Notes)

It’s tough to put into words just how much we love Pebblers all over the world…

We love you, Pebblers!

“Máme vás rádi!” “Við elskum þig!” “Kochamy cię!”

…but it’s safe to say making Pebble more awesome with each and every update is a great place to start. Today, we’ve got love to share on three fronts: Firmware, Android, and iOS. The Android app update will be a phased roll-out: available today to 10% of Pebblers who visit the Google Play Store, with access expanding over the next couple weeks. Pebblers can also join our Beta Channel for early access to test releases of the Pebble Android app. 

Firmware v2.8: Multi-language Notifications

Firmware 2.8 adds full character support for the broadest set of languages to date. For Pebblers who receive notifications in the newly supported languages, special characters like “ß” and “Ż” will appear correctly, as opposed to showing up as “unknown character” boxes. Over 98% of Pebblers in the world can now fully receive messages and alerts in their native language. Today’s update paves the way for more languages to come in the future, as Pebble steadily lands in more countries around the world. 

Notifications in 80 languages

To test out Pebble’s newly-supported characters, try sending yourself the following message after updating to 2.8: ÑÔ møŕě bòxĕš fōř ėïġĥťý ŀæńģūåĝęş!

No more boxes in eighty languages!
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PayPal comes to Pebble + now accepted for orders on

PayPal for Pebble

Paying on-the-go for what you love just got a little sweeter today, care of a new Pebble app from our friends at PayPal. From your watch, you’ll be able to check-in to pay at any retailer, restaurant, or business accepting PayPal, as well as receive payment notifications right to your wrist. To get started with PayPal on your smartwatch, head on over to the Pebble appstore.

PayPal for Pebble

#paypalit: Fire it up, pick a merchant, and you’re ready to pay.

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New Firmware and iOS app on Deck (Release Notes)

Pebble FW 2.7 + iOS App 2.5

After a great Developer Retreat and exciting news to kick off the fall season, we’ve got updates to both Pebble’s watch firmware (v2.7) and iOS app (v2.5). On the firmware side, all Pebblers will want to grab the bug fixes and stability improvements on deck. For those on iOS, check out the new Auto-Update features and tweaks to the Settings menu.

Full release notes after the jump.

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Get :-D for Pebble Firmware 2.5 + iOS 8 (Release Notes)

FW 2.5 Emojis If you’re anything like us, you <3 emojis. Why waste time typing out how you feel when you can get to the point with a 😀 ? For those waiting eagerly for emojis on Pebble, we’re ʘ‿ʘ to share Firmware 2.5, delivering all the ლ(╹◡╹ლ) your wrists can handle!

Emoji support isn’t the only news on deck today. Firmware 2.5 also activates Pebble’s compass features and introduces iOS 8 compatibility. Read on for the full rundown and release notes.

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Endomondo’s Social Fitness Comes to the Pebble appstore

We’re excited to welcome Endomondo to the Pebble appstore, available today for iOS users, with Android integration later this year. The new Pebble app lets you start, pause, or stop workouts right from your wrist while letting you select from configurable stats like distance, heart rate, and duration. The Endomondo app also vibrates your Pebble for each mile or kilometer completed, and briefly displays a performance summary for the workout in progress.

Social.Endomondo + Pebble 140702

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UPDATED: Pebble Android App v2.0.15.4 Available Now (Release Notes)

Update: This post is been revised to reflect the availability of the Android Pebble App v2.0.15.4.

The latest version of the Pebble Android app (v2.0.15.4) is now free to download on the Google Play Store, bringing with it some bug fixes and an alert when trying to download apps that are incompatible with the latest Pebble firmware.

Pebble App on Google Play

As of this writing, the updates have only just been made public. It may take time for what’s new to appear for you. To update your Pebble Android app, visit the Google Play store.

We hope you enjoy what’s new. Please keep us posted on Twitter, Facebook, or contact us directly about what you’d like to see next!

Full release notes below.
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