Pebble: More to Love at Sweet New Prices

Celebrating Pebble’s Growth with New Things to Love

When we launched Pebble two and a half years ago, our mission was simple: build the most enjoyable, customizable, and versatile smartwatch on the market at an accessible price. The market has exploded since then, but our mission remains the same.

Last January at CES 2014, we unveiled Pebble Steel to critical acclaim. It was a resounding success and the catalyst for tremendous growth. Since then, we’ve opened the Pebble appstore, which boasts over 4,000 apps that have been downloaded five million times. Our open platform counts over 18,000 developers, from passionate hackers to partners like Mercedes-Benz, Pandora, the Weather Channel, and ESPN.

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Integrating Pebble with Parkinson's Research

How The Michael J. Fox Foundation and Intel Use Smartwatches in the Fight Against Parkinson’s Disease

The Michael J. Fox Foundation and Intel are collaborating on a multi-phase program to help researchers treat and care for Parkinson’s patients more effectively. By harnessing the power of data science, wearable technologies like smartwatches, and cloud computing, researchers can explore individual patients’ experience with the disease—looking for patterns and insights that were unavailable to them before—and hopefully lead to improved treatments.

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Endomondo’s Social Fitness Comes to the Pebble appstore

We’re excited to welcome Endomondo to the Pebble appstore, available today for iOS users, with Android integration later this year. The new Pebble app lets you start, pause, or stop workouts right from your wrist while letting you select from configurable stats like distance, heart rate, and duration. The Endomondo app also vibrates your Pebble for each mile or kilometer completed, and briefly displays a performance summary for the workout in progress.

Social.Endomondo + Pebble 140702

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Pebble Makes Fitness Shine, Partners with Misfit

When we created Pebble, we designed it with health and fitness in mind—making it waterproof and including an accelerometer. Since then, we’ve partnered with RunKeeper, Strava, Puma, and many more to give Pebble users a compelling health and fitness experience. We now have sleep trackers, step counters, and even swim watchapps that take advantage of Pebble’s open platform.

But we’re not standing still. Today we’re delighted to announce that Pebble and Misfit have joined forces to bring state-of-the-art activity tracking to Pebble smartwatches on wrists worldwide. Misfit, makers of Shine—a beautiful fitness and sleep monitor—have applied their expertise with user experience and algorithms to the Pebble ecosystem.

The Misfit watchapp is available today in the Pebble appstore, and lets users count steps and track their activity right from their wrists—no smartphone or Shine required. In addition, Misfit’s latest iOS app will be available from Apple’s App Store soon. It includes support for Pebble watches and tracks additional metrics such as calories burned and distance traveled.

Today’s app is just the first step towards seamless integration with Misfit and Activity tracking on Pebble. We’ll unveil additional functionality in future updates, so stay tuned! As the first milestone in an ongoing partnership and collaboration between Pebble and Misfit, we aim to provide intuitive health and fitness tracking for all.

Misfit and Pebble

RunKeeper + Pebble = Getting Fit for Spring with 3 Free Months of RunKeeper Elite!

It’s still quite chilly in many parts of the world, but Spring is just around the corner! Team Pebble’s already got springtime fever—we can’t wait to walk, run, and ride outdoors with RunKeeper, one of our favorite fitness tracking apps and first partners. With full Pebble integration, RunKeeper conveniently displays your activity stats automagically on your wrist. Say goodbye to awkward armband-twisting and hello to quick wrist-glances for tracking your progress.

RunKeeper Pebble Wireframe

Train Smarter with RunKeeper + Pebble!

We’re happy to share an awesome offer with all Pebblers, care of our friends at RunKeeper: a free 3-month trial of RunKeeper Elite!* To unlock the deal:

  1. Connect your Pebble to RunKeeper’s iOS or Android app between now and the 2014 Boston Marathon on 21 April.
  2. Keep an eye on your inbox the Friday after you connect Pebble to RunKeeper for a notification that your Elite subscription has been activated!

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