Software Roundup: New iOS App + Android Beta App (Release Notes)

Ahoy, Pebblers! We’re two weeks into 2015 and have a couple updates for you while getting into the swing of a brand new year. 

Pebble Android App v2.3 BETA 2

Awww yisss…custom replies in Android 2.3 (BETA 2).

Our 2.6.2 update to the Pebble iOS app includes the latest JavaScript apps on the Pebble appstore, plus bug fixes. For the Androiders out there, we’ve released a new version of the 2.3 Beta app, which gives your Pebble the power to respond to Android Wear notifications with your own custom replies. Pretty sweet, right?

Full release notes below.

Pebble Android app 2.3 BETA 2

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Cheers to the Pebble #AppsOfTheYear

It’s the last day of the year and Team Pebble’s ready to ring in 2015 in style. It’s been great looking back on the amazing moments 2014 brought to the world of Pebble apps. We’re looking forward to an even bigger, sweeter, awesome-er 2015…with Pebblers sitting shotgun the whole way through 🙂

Happy New Year!

Our week-long countdown ends today as we celebrate and toast the Pebble Apps of the Year. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, Pebblers! See you on the flip side.

Missed a previous day in the countdown? Recap here:

Pebble Apps of the Year

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Pebble #AppsOfTheYear Countdown: Day 6 (Health & Fitness)

We’re closing in on the finish line of our Apps of the Year countdown. Since many of us will be making fitness-related resolutions in a day or so, we’re featuring the best Health & Fitness apps.

Do more with Pebble apps

After breaking a sweat with today’s selections, come back tomorrow for the big show: The Pebble Apps of the Year.

Missed a previous day in the countdown? Recap here:

Health & Fitness Apps of the Year

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Pebble #AppsOfTheYear Countdown: Day 4 (Notifications, Remotes)

Day 4 of our 2014 roundup is a double-whammy of categories: the best apps in Notifications and in Remotes. We’re ramping up to New Year’s Eve, when we present The Pebble Apps of the Year.

Windsurfing with Pebble

Pebbler Willem Olding windsurfing with his Pebble and GoPro.

Give these awesome apps a try then come back tomorrow for the next Best Of categories: Daily and Games!

Missed a previous day in the countdown? Recap here:

Notification Apps of the Year

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Pebble #AppsOfTheYear Countdown: Day 2 (Watchfaces)

It’s Boxing Day, a big shopping day in many parts of the world. Here on the Pebble Blog, it’s Watchface Day, featuring the faces that really delighted Pebblers’ wrists this year. Our multi-day countdown culminates on New Year’s Eve, when we present The 2014 Pebble Apps of the Year.

How I Pebble

After swagging out your Pebble with some of the year’s best watchfaces, check back tomorrow for the next Best Of category: Tools & Utilities! 

Missed a previous day in the countdown? Recap here:

Watchfaces of the Year

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Lights, Smartwatch, Action: Android Wear notifications come to Pebble (Release Notes)

UPDATE: The Pebble Android app (v2.3) with Android Wear compatibility is now out if Beta. Download it today on the Google Play Store.


Android Wear + Pebble

‘Tis the season for anticipation. We count down the days to gifts and good wishes, and we just can’t wait. We’ve been in the workshop ourselves, crafting something Android Pebblers will love unwrapping. Version 2.3 of our Android app gives Pebble the power to reply and act on notifications right from your watch. It’s Android Wear notification compatibility on Pebble, and it’s awesome.

Android users on our own team are super thrilled with what version 2.3 lets them do from their Pebbles. We’ve built actions that even Android Wear devices themselves don’t perform.

Reply to a Hangouts message with emoji? Thumbs up.

NOTE: A new update to the Hangouts app for Android requires downloading the Android Wear application to get replies working (even for Pebble—mawp).

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Get :-D for Pebble Firmware 2.5 + iOS 8 (Release Notes)

FW 2.5 Emojis If you’re anything like us, you <3 emojis. Why waste time typing out how you feel when you can get to the point with a 😀 ? For those waiting eagerly for emojis on Pebble, we’re ʘ‿ʘ to share Firmware 2.5, delivering all the ლ(╹◡╹ლ) your wrists can handle!

Emoji support isn’t the only news on deck today. Firmware 2.5 also activates Pebble’s compass features and introduces iOS 8 compatibility. Read on for the full rundown and release notes.

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ESPN for Pebble Has Landed: Bring Sports Scores to Your Smartwatch

Download ESPN for Pebble »

ESPN for Pebble

Heaven for any sports fan is a comfy couch, a big screen with the game on, unlimited hot wings, and all the free time in the world. Sadly, real life—work, errands, dance recitals, the DMV—loves to burst that happy bubble. There’s no shortage of stuff vying for our attention, pulling us away from enjoying the wide world of sports.

Even with DVRs and live-streaming, it’s impossible for sports junkies to keep tabs on all the teams, games, and league matchups we care about. There’s this insane stretch from November to February where you’ll catch me juggling between countless college football, NFL, NBA, and college basketball games every week. During this ugly (and awesome) time of year, there’s no peeling me off the couch: productivity nosedives, relationships suffer, and my belly grows.

Thanks to the ESPN Pebble smartwatch app, these dark days are over.

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How Do You Pebble?

How I Pebble

One of the best things about Pebble is how many different uses it has. We love seeing our community share the unique ways they’ve made Pebble their own. Many of you have shared your Pebble stories and moments through pictures on places like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Though we’ve collected a bit of what we’ve seen so far on our #HowIPebble Pinterest page, we want to give Pebblers an even bigger chance to shine.

It’s your turn to show us just exactly how you Pebble!

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