Pebble #AppsOfTheYear Countdown: Day 3 (Tools & Utilities)

Day 3 of our 2014 roundup brings together the best Tools & Utilities on the Pebble appstore. The countdown culminates on New Year’s Eve, when we present The Pebble Apps of the Year.

NightScout for Pebble

Turn your Pebble into a Swiss Army knife of usefulness today, and check back tomorrow for the next Best Of categories: Notifications and Remotes. 

Missed a previous day in the countdown? Recap here:

Tools & Utilities of the Year

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Pebble #AppsOfTheYear Countdown: Day 2 (Watchfaces)

It’s Boxing Day, a big shopping day in many parts of the world. Here on the Pebble Blog, it’s Watchface Day, featuring the faces that really delighted Pebblers’ wrists this year. Our multi-day countdown culminates on New Year’s Eve, when we present The 2014 Pebble Apps of the Year.

How I Pebble

After swagging out your Pebble with some of the year’s best watchfaces, check back tomorrow for the next Best Of category: Tools & Utilities! 

Missed a previous day in the countdown? Recap here:

Watchfaces of the Year

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Merry Christmas, New Pebblers! Countdown to the Pebble #AppsOfTheYear (Team Picks)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our Pebble family to yours. We hope you’re enjoying a fun and relaxing time with loved ones. Judging by what we’re seeing online, lots of new Pebblers are joining our ranks today as presents got unwrapped.

#AppsOfTheYear Day 1

It’s a perfect time to share our favorite Pebble apps of 2014. The Pebble appstore’s got something for everyone and it’s a great place to start your new Pebble journey! We kick off this multi-day series with Team Pebble’s personal favorites, counting down to 2014’s Apps of the Year on New Year’s Eve.

Give the selections below a spin on the Pebble appstore, then check back tomorrow for the next installment of awesome: Watchfaces!

Team Pebble Picks of the Year

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Lights, Smartwatch, Action: Android Wear notifications come to Pebble (Release Notes)

UPDATE: The Pebble Android app (v2.3) with Android Wear compatibility is now out if Beta. Download it today on the Google Play Store.


Android Wear + Pebble

‘Tis the season for anticipation. We count down the days to gifts and good wishes, and we just can’t wait. We’ve been in the workshop ourselves, crafting something Android Pebblers will love unwrapping. Version 2.3 of our Android app gives Pebble the power to reply and act on notifications right from your watch. It’s Android Wear notification compatibility on Pebble, and it’s awesome.

Android users on our own team are super thrilled with what version 2.3 lets them do from their Pebbles. We’ve built actions that even Android Wear devices themselves don’t perform.

Reply to a Hangouts message with emoji? Thumbs up.

NOTE: A new update to the Hangouts app for Android requires downloading the Android Wear application to get replies working (even for Pebble—mawp).

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Bienvenue, Willkommen, and Bienvenida to new Pebble localizations (Release Notes)

UPDATE: This post has been revised to include release notes for Pebble’s Firmware (v2.8.1) and Android app (v2.2) updates.

Pebble in French, German, and Spanish

We’re flipping the switch on something that kept a low profile in Firmware 2.8, awaiting updates to Pebble’s iOS and Android apps. With version 2.6 for iOS (ready now) and 2.2.0 for Android (coming soon), we’re thrilled to make Pebble and its apps more multi-lingual than ever with international translation.

Pebble app, now in French, German, and Spanish

Today brings full French, German, and Spanish support to Pebble’s interfaces, making the Pebble experience even more enjoyable for native speakers of those languages.

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“Pizza’s Here!” Domino’s Lands on Pebble + Apps of the Week (Nov 13–19)

Pizza—like bacon—is tough to hate on. Admit it, when you or a friend orders pizza for delivery, “pizza’s here!” becomes the magic words you’re waiting to hear. Today, with the new Domino’s Pizza app in the Pebble appstore, those “pizza’s here” moments are landing on your wrist.

Domino's Pizza for Pebble

The Domino’s Pizza Pebble app brings the company’s Domino’s Tracker system to your watch, letting you follow your pizza’s journey from order, to baking, and (the best part) delivery. Take the app for a spin the next time a pizza craving hits you!

In addition to Domino’s debut on the appstore, we’ve got a new round of Apps of the Week to enjoy. Give these picks a go and check back next time for the latest round awesomeness.


Pixwag | Download (Black) » Download (White) »

Pixwag for Pebble

Made with love by Team Pebble Designer, Alexander Kirov! A lovely, simple watchface inspired by pixel graphics. Comes in two flavors 🙂

Pop Digit | Download »

After the current time is formed, the unused dots from the previous minute explode. Shake within 2 seconds of launching to invert colors. Pop! Pop!

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Get :-D for Pebble Firmware 2.5 + iOS 8 (Release Notes)

FW 2.5 Emojis If you’re anything like us, you <3 emojis. Why waste time typing out how you feel when you can get to the point with a 😀 ? For those waiting eagerly for emojis on Pebble, we’re ʘ‿ʘ to share Firmware 2.5, delivering all the ლ(╹◡╹ლ) your wrists can handle!

Emoji support isn’t the only news on deck today. Firmware 2.5 also activates Pebble’s compass features and introduces iOS 8 compatibility. Read on for the full rundown and release notes.

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How Pebble Kickstarted the Smartwatch: a Q&A with Eric Migicovsky

Pebble lineup on tabletop

Interested in how Pebble’s story and approach to wearable technology evolved from its humble beginnings, entrepreneur and author Michael Price recently visited Pebble HQ for a Huffington Post Q&A with our CEO, Eric Migicovsky. The piece touches on how feedback from inPulse—Eric’s earlier watch project which integrated with Blackberry phones—influenced Pebble’s direction and how a clear, authentic message helped its Kickstarter project succeed as much as it did.

Eric Migicovsky and the team that built the Pebble blazed trails and launched an entirely new product category into the market long before Google, Apple or Samsung came along.Huffinton Post

Two years after successfully crowdfunding Pebble on Kickstarter, interest in smartwatches and wearable technology continues to grow. There’s now a variety of approaches to how a meaningful wearable experience should look, feel, and perform on a daily basis.

Pebblers unite!

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Integrating Pebble with Parkinson's Research

How The Michael J. Fox Foundation and Intel Use Smartwatches in the Fight Against Parkinson’s Disease

The Michael J. Fox Foundation and Intel are collaborating on a multi-phase program to help researchers treat and care for Parkinson’s patients more effectively. By harnessing the power of data science, wearable technologies like smartwatches, and cloud computing, researchers can explore individual patients’ experience with the disease—looking for patterns and insights that were unavailable to them before—and hopefully lead to improved treatments.

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