ESPN for Pebble Has Landed: Bring Sports Scores to Your Smartwatch

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ESPN for Pebble

Heaven for any sports fan is a comfy couch, a big screen with the game on, unlimited hot wings, and all the free time in the world. Sadly, real life—work, errands, dance recitals, the DMV—loves to burst that happy bubble. There’s no shortage of stuff vying for our attention, pulling us away from enjoying the wide world of sports.

Even with DVRs and live-streaming, it’s impossible for sports junkies to keep tabs on all the teams, games, and league matchups we care about. There’s this insane stretch from November to February where you’ll catch me juggling between countless college football, NFL, NBA, and college basketball games every week. During this ugly (and awesome) time of year, there’s no peeling me off the couch: productivity nosedives, relationships suffer, and my belly grows.

Thanks to the ESPN Pebble smartwatch app, these dark days are over.

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How Do You Pebble?

How I Pebble

One of the best things about Pebble is how many different uses it has. We love seeing our community share the unique ways they’ve made Pebble their own. Many of you have shared your Pebble stories and moments through pictures on places like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Though we’ve collected a bit of what we’ve seen so far on our #HowIPebble Pinterest page, we want to give Pebblers an even bigger chance to shine.

It’s your turn to show us just exactly how you Pebble!

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#FreshHotFly Wheel #FreshHotFly Trio #FreshHotFly Twist Sweet colors. Smart watch. #FreshHotFly Fresh Hot Fly #FreshHotFly on Table #FreshHotFly

Are You Fresh, Hot, or Fly?

We’ve got Fresh news, Hot off the presses. We think it’s pretty Fly and hope you do too.

It’s time to be Fresh, Hot, and Fly with three Limited Edition Pebble colors Pebbles to kick up your style and sync with your fun side. This special production run of new colors are available now for $150 on while supplies last.

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Pebble’s Got Fútbol Fever! Satisfy Your #WorldCup Fix from Your Wrist

All eyes are on Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. While only some can catch the action first-hand, Pebble is here with what your wrist needs to stay in the loop, support your team, and unleash your inner soccer hooligan.

World Cup 2014 by Pebble and Kimono Labs

World Cup 2014 App
Stuck in a meeting? At a happy hour with friends? Pebble’s got you covered. Our World Cup 2014 app is the perfect wingman for live scores and upcoming match times, thanks to a new API from Kimono Labs. With both live scores and upcoming matches, The World Cup 2014 Pebble app dials you in to the action in Brazil when you’re busy and puts future matches you just can’t miss on your radar.
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Show Your Team Spirit
Pebble’s great for showing off who you’re rooting for. Have fun matching your watch’s look to your favorite team’s with watchfaces and accessories. The Pebble appstore has watchfaces for most World Cup Teams competing this year.

Pebble World Cup Watchfaces

Root from your wrist 🙂

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Time to Show Dad He Rocks: Pebble Him with Free Express Shipping

Dad has always been there for us. Dependable and hard-working, we can always count on him to delight us with a fun story, a helping hand, or quality time. Let’s celebrate dads everywhere today for being a part of moments that matter.

We’re offering Free Express Shipping worldwide for any Pebble ordered on Isn’t it time we thanked Dad for being awesome with wearable tech that’s as dependable, flexible, and awesome as he is?

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Team Pebble Dads

Team Pebble Dads in action.

With seamless notifications, the best apps, amazing battery life, and a super-clear display, Pebble helps keep Dad connected in a way that manages interruptions and keeps him focused on doing what he loves. Free Expedited Shipping ends after Tuesday, 17 June so make sure Dad gets Pebbled ASAP!

We’ve also posted a very special watchface on the Pebble appstore to show Dad you care. With the Father’s Day Edition of Grid, a shake of the wrist displays a special reminder, just for Dad!

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Arctic White Pebble box

Stay Fit and Productive with Pebble at Target

Pebble + Target

We’re excited that Target guests will now be able to discover Arctic White, Jet Black, and Cherry Red Pebble watches at their local store or by visiting (MSRP $149.99). This marks the first time a retailer will carry Arctic White Pebbles, a Target exclusive for a limited time. We think Target guests will enjoy being part of the Pebble community—introducing the fun and useful ways our apps and wearable technology can mesh into their lives with tiny moments of awesome.

Current Pebblers are no strangers to Pebble’s sharp and clear e-paper display and animated graphics. Fully readable in bright daylight with up to a week-long battery life, Pebble pairs with iOS and Android smartphones over Bluetooth, bringing remote controls and glanceable information to your wrist. Music control, text messages, emails, caller ID, and even Target Cartwheel notifications are all available out of the box. Using the Pebble smartphone app, users can choose from thousands of downloadable apps like eBay, Foursquare, RunKeeper, and Yelp in the Pebble appstore.

Keeping Fit and Productive with Pebble

Like many Pebblers, the Target community loves to stay fit and productive. While we couldn’t possibly lay out all the ways Pebble meshes with people’s lives on those fronts, we can definitely highlight some of our favorites.

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Introducing Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel is shipping!

It’s time! Pebble Steel is shipping today.

At CES, we launched our new, premium smartwatch, Pebble Steel, and we’ve been blown away by the reception. Early orders are leaving the factory today, and your shipping confirmation emails will be arriving shortly. We appreciate your patience while we’re ramping up production to make sure each Pebble Steel meets our exacting standards.

The Pebble appstore, which we also announced at CES 2014, is coming very, very soon. We’re excited to let you explore and discover the thousands of awesome SDK 2.0 apps and watchfaces developers have already submitted — including partner apps from Foursquare, GoPro, Yelp and ESPN. Stay tuned…

CES 2014: Welcoming Pebble Steel, Pebble appstore, and new partners to the Family

Two thousand and thirteen was an incredible year for Pebble. We shipped to our Kickstarter backers; landed at Best Buy, AT&T, and Amazon; enabled iOS 7 notifications; launched SDK 2.0; and more—all thanks to amazing support from Pebblers and developers like you.

Our running start to 2013 happened right here at CES when we showed Pebble publicly for the very first time. Today, with over 300,000 Pebbles on wrists all over the world, we’re back in Las Vegas with really great news to share.

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