Pebble 2: Fit & Smart

Pebble 2, the most complete wearable experience we’ve ever developed, is ready for your wrist!

Meet the Pebble 2 + Heart Rate family.

Meet the Pebble 2 + Heart Rate family.

The original Pebble put wearable technology on the map in 2012, inspiring others to follow our lead as we explored how wearable technology fits into our lives best. Pebble 2 is the ultimate expression of our approach to wearables: first-class fitness features coupled with the essential smartwatch experience we pioneered.

Pebble 2 is a long-lasting, water-resistant sports watch that’s thinner, lighter, and stronger than the original Pebble. It’s a focused, fun wearable that makes staying active, sleeping smarter, and nurturing healthy habits easier.

Pebble 2 + Heart Rate unifies the two experiences our community wants most: fitness tracking and time-saving convenience. No other band or smartwatch comes close to blending fit and smart together so beautifully for only $129.99.

Whether you’re psyched to live healthier or want to bring order to your digital life, Pebble 2 passes the test with flying colors.

Put Your Heart Into It

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Pebble Time Pre-orders start 22 June

Let Pebble Time Shipping Begin! Pre-Orders Start June 22

Pebble Time Shipping Starts Today

Let’s Ship Some Watches!

Pebble Time rewards begin their journeys home as shipments to our amazing Kickstarter backers are underway:

  • With Pebble Time now at distribution centers, shipping labels and tracking numbers will start going out and ramp up quickly.
  • The first 10,000 Pebble Time rewards will ship from our five distribution centers around the world this week.
  • From there, we’ll keep on shipping! All Pebble Time backers should receive tracking numbers by mid-June.

The support and feedback from our first million Pebblers since starting this journey has carried us further and faster than we imagined. Thanks to them, we’re delivering the most focused, purpose-built smartwatch for busy people to Get. Things. Done.

Pebble Time builds on the past, focuses on the present, and welcomes the future.

For Pebble Time-ready apps and watchfaces you’ll love at first sight, check our new guide »

Ready for the World, Your Wrist, and Pre-Orders

After getting Pebble Time on backers’ wrists, let’s make it rain everywhere else. You can help us spread the love.

Pebble Time pre-orders begin on Monday, June 22

Pre-order timing was a burning question ever since wrapping our last Kickstarter campaign. With the cat out of the bag, let’s welcome more Pebblers to the Time family. To stay in the loop about pre-order day, sign up at and we’ll remind you directly.

Better with Time

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Pebble #AppsOfTheYear Countdown: Day 6 (Health & Fitness)

We’re closing in on the finish line of our Apps of the Year countdown. Since many of us will be making fitness-related resolutions in a day or so, we’re featuring the best Health & Fitness apps.

Do more with Pebble apps

After breaking a sweat with today’s selections, come back tomorrow for the big show: The Pebble Apps of the Year.

Missed a previous day in the countdown? Recap here:

Health & Fitness Apps of the Year

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ESPN for Pebble Has Landed: Bring Sports Scores to Your Smartwatch

Download ESPN for Pebble »

ESPN for Pebble

Heaven for any sports fan is a comfy couch, a big screen with the game on, unlimited hot wings, and all the free time in the world. Sadly, real life—work, errands, dance recitals, the DMV—loves to burst that happy bubble. There’s no shortage of stuff vying for our attention, pulling us away from enjoying the wide world of sports.

Even with DVRs and live-streaming, it’s impossible for sports junkies to keep tabs on all the teams, games, and league matchups we care about. There’s this insane stretch from November to February where you’ll catch me juggling between countless college football, NFL, NBA, and college basketball games every week. During this ugly (and awesome) time of year, there’s no peeling me off the couch: productivity nosedives, relationships suffer, and my belly grows.

Thanks to the ESPN Pebble smartwatch app, these dark days are over.

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Endomondo’s Social Fitness Comes to the Pebble appstore

We’re excited to welcome Endomondo to the Pebble appstore, available today for iOS users, with Android integration later this year. The new Pebble app lets you start, pause, or stop workouts right from your wrist while letting you select from configurable stats like distance, heart rate, and duration. The Endomondo app also vibrates your Pebble for each mile or kilometer completed, and briefly displays a performance summary for the workout in progress.

Social.Endomondo + Pebble 140702

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Pebble’s Got Fútbol Fever! Satisfy Your #WorldCup Fix from Your Wrist

All eyes are on Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. While only some can catch the action first-hand, Pebble is here with what your wrist needs to stay in the loop, support your team, and unleash your inner soccer hooligan.

World Cup 2014 by Pebble and Kimono Labs

World Cup 2014 App
Stuck in a meeting? At a happy hour with friends? Pebble’s got you covered. Our World Cup 2014 app is the perfect wingman for live scores and upcoming match times, thanks to a new API from Kimono Labs. With both live scores and upcoming matches, The World Cup 2014 Pebble app dials you in to the action in Brazil when you’re busy and puts future matches you just can’t miss on your radar.
Download World Cup 2014 »

Show Your Team Spirit
Pebble’s great for showing off who you’re rooting for. Have fun matching your watch’s look to your favorite team’s with watchfaces and accessories. The Pebble appstore has watchfaces for most World Cup Teams competing this year.

Pebble World Cup Watchfaces

Root from your wrist 🙂

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Time to Show Dad He Rocks: Pebble Him with Free Express Shipping

Dad has always been there for us. Dependable and hard-working, we can always count on him to delight us with a fun story, a helping hand, or quality time. Let’s celebrate dads everywhere today for being a part of moments that matter.

We’re offering Free Express Shipping worldwide for any Pebble ordered on Isn’t it time we thanked Dad for being awesome with wearable tech that’s as dependable, flexible, and awesome as he is?

Get Pebble with Free Express Shipping »

Team Pebble Dads

Team Pebble Dads in action.

With seamless notifications, the best apps, amazing battery life, and a super-clear display, Pebble helps keep Dad connected in a way that manages interruptions and keeps him focused on doing what he loves. Free Expedited Shipping ends after Tuesday, 17 June so make sure Dad gets Pebbled ASAP!

We’ve also posted a very special watchface on the Pebble appstore to show Dad you care. With the Father’s Day Edition of Grid, a shake of the wrist displays a special reminder, just for Dad!

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Pebbled Wrists + Fleet Feet: Train and Hang with Team Pebble for The San Francisco Marathon

Summer is officially upon us! It’s prime season for runners all over to enjoy sunny days and train for races coming up on the calendar. This summer, with our friends at The San Francisco Marathon, we’re taking running events to a new level—launching both a mobile app and Pebble app—tailored specifically for registered marathon participants and fans of this year’s race on Sunday, 27 July. The official SF Marathon mobile and Pebble apps are coming soon. Stay tuned for more!

Pebble + The SF Marathon

For those interested in giving their race prep a jolt of wearable tech awesomeness, registered runners can take $20 off per Pebble at TSFM Blog subscribers can join the fun too, with $10 off per Pebble ordered, starting today.

Thanks to popular sport apps in the Pebble appstore, Pebblers the world over have turned our watch into their wrist-top tracker and coach of choice. It’s never been easier to manage workouts or race training with Pebble!


Lace up for race training with Pebble + have fun with custom GadgetWraps.

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RunKeeper + Pebble = Getting Fit for Spring with 3 Free Months of RunKeeper Elite!

It’s still quite chilly in many parts of the world, but Spring is just around the corner! Team Pebble’s already got springtime fever—we can’t wait to walk, run, and ride outdoors with RunKeeper, one of our favorite fitness tracking apps and first partners. With full Pebble integration, RunKeeper conveniently displays your activity stats automagically on your wrist. Say goodbye to awkward armband-twisting and hello to quick wrist-glances for tracking your progress.

RunKeeper Pebble Wireframe

Train Smarter with RunKeeper + Pebble!

We’re happy to share an awesome offer with all Pebblers, care of our friends at RunKeeper: a free 3-month trial of RunKeeper Elite!* To unlock the deal:

  1. Connect your Pebble to RunKeeper’s iOS or Android app between now and the 2014 Boston Marathon on 21 April.
  2. Keep an eye on your inbox the Friday after you connect Pebble to RunKeeper for a notification that your Elite subscription has been activated!

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